Good news: Qatari chiefs ‘to fly to Manchester’ to finish takeover

Manchester United are set to host crunch takeover talks at Old Trafford as Qatari chiefs step up their ownership bid.


This week will see an acceleration of the acquisition process for Manchester United, with interested parties apparently set to show up at Old Trafford for crucial discussions with the American merchant bank the Raine Group. Reports indicate that senior Qatari officials, along with representatives from at least three other parties, will be traveling to Manchester in order to participate in the next phase of negotiations. The Mail reports that negotiations will take place at Old Trafford, and Raine continues to express optimism that they will be able to negotiate an agreement prior to the conclusion of the first quarter.



Reportedly, the next round of the investment procedure has already begun, and those individuals who have proceeded to this point have plans to meet with significant officials beginning on Thursday.


According to the story, delegates from Qatar will make their way to Manchester the following week. The camp of INEOS chief Sir Jim Ratcliffe could hold negotiations in M16 sooner than originally planned.


According to reports, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, who is in charge of the Qatari bid and is working through the Nine Two Foundation, will not be traveling to England in person, and neither will Ratcliffe.



Instead, senior financial and management officials from both bidders will meet with Raine and United to share information and get a first-hand look at Old Trafford. In spite of the fαct that Sheikh Jassim is likely to be absent, there is a “quiet confidence” in Qatar that they will be able to complete the process by purchasing the club from the Glazer family.


Given the abundance of resources that are at his disposal, it is said that some people who are familiar with the issue consider him to be the front-runner.


According to the article, Sheikh Jassim wants to become the next owner of Manchester United before the summer transfer window opens so that he can provide Ten Hag with “significant sums” to help strengthen his team.


In the event that Qatar is selected as the interested party, a time period of exclusivity will follow the Old Trafford meetings. During this time, Qatar will have complete access to United’s data room in advance of submitting their final bid. In order for the Glazer family to part with possession of the Red Devils, any successful proposal will most likely need to be worth close to six bιllion pounds.



In addition to paying off the club’s debt, it is anticipated that between one and two bιllion dollars will be necessary to either rebuild Old Trafford or build a brand new stadium from the ground up.


In addition, preparations are currently being made to invest in the club’s Carrington training facility, which will result in an increase in the total price of the transaction.


Qatar and INEOS are the only two parties who have made their positions public. Despite this, the Mail asserts that there are at least two further proposals being considered.


Manchester United takeover bαttle set to enter its next stage

The next round of competition for Manchester United has already begun, and scouting parties are scheduled to arrive in Manchester beginning on Thursday.


According to what Sportsmail has been told, those individuals who have successfully navigated their way through to the second part of the procedure will soon meet with officials at Old Trafford.



It is speculated that representatives from the Qatar-based offer, which was made public by this newspaper, may fly in the following week. As US bankers from Raine Group attempt to negotiate the terms of a purchαse, members of the team led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe are also scheduled to go to Manchester. Last month, following the expiration of the deadline for bids on total ownership and partial investment, Raine chose a number of interested partners with whom they wish to move things forward in order to move things forward.


It may be reveαled that a time of due diligence questions and answers has already begun, and that negotiations between a variety of entities have been happening since Monday. Those who are still in the running have the option to make a request for financial information before continuing the discussion at the club’s stadium.


It is quite doubtful that Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, Ratcliffe, or the Glazer family, who owns United, will be present at the summits. Instead, senior financial and executive figures from the bidders, United and Raine, are scheduled to exchange information with one another.


After then, there will most likely be a time period of exclusivity, during which a selected party will be granted complete access to the club’s books in order to make a final bid. Although only two of them have been made public, it is believed that there are at least two others who are also in the running. The Qatari proposal, which is still seen by many to be the front-runner in this competition, continues to exude an air of confident composure.



The Glazer family encouraged interested parties to submit proposals for either a minority investment or complete control. However, some people who are familiar with the situation believe that the two of the six children who have the most invested in the club, Joel and Avie, may seek to remain on the scene in some capacity, buoyed by United’s resurgence under manager Erik ten Hag, despite Sunday’s 7-0 thrashing at Liverpool. The notion that a significant portion of the worldwide market has not yet been exploited, in conjunction with the fαct that the World Cup will soon take place in North America, is regarded to be an appealing proposition.


Either redeveloping Old Trafford or building a new stadium will require something in the range of one to two bιllion dollars, with the former being the more likely option.


It is also necessary to perform significant renovations on the club’s training ground. The Glazer family is believed to be seeking approximately £6 bιllion in order to sell the club; however, all of the proposals that have been presented have fallen short of that sum, which was to be expected.


There is still the possibility that an agreement can be reached by the conclusion of the first quarter; however, in that event, the process will need to move much more quickly.


It is important for Qatar to have everything in place before the transfer window opens so that they can provide ten Hag with a large budget.

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