Goodbye Auba, Chelsea warmly welcome Drogba’s ‘descendant’ to break the number 9 curse

Romelu Lukaku, who plays for Everton in Serie A, and Tammy Abraham, a Chelsea academy alumna, both have a chance to return to Stamford Bridge as the Blues restructure their squad.


Tammy Abraham and Romelu Lukaku, two forwards who were both very recently on the books at Chelsea, might be the focus of future transfer bids from the Blues. These two strikers were both recently acquired by Chelsea, however they have since departed the team. Both players are currently engaged in Serie A competition.



When he was still managing Aston Villa, Frank Lampard took a chance on Tammy Abraham and offered him a chance to succeed. Around the time when Lampard was on loan with Bristol City, Swansea City, and Aston Villa, all of which are situated in west London, Abraham had already established himself as a potential young player. Abraham was given the chance by Lampard while he was still serving as Aston Villa’s interim manager. Abraham was a player who received a lot of support from the supporters of the team, but Thomas Tuchel made the decision to sell him in order to earn money for the purchase of Romelu Lukaku, a former superstar who had been acquired from Inter Milan.


Abraham’s number nine shirt was given to Lukaku to wear, even though his return to Chelsea Bridge was only meant to be temporary and last for a single season. Both Abraham and Lukaku are currently representing organizations that are not connected to the organizations that serve as their parent clubs. Lukaku is now playing for Inter this season while on loan from Chelsea. Both of them are currently living and supporting their families in Italy by competing at the professional level in soccer.



Giuseppe Marotta, Inter’s chief executive officer, said in an interview with Sky Sports Italy that Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku will leave Inter at the end of his current deal and return to the Premier League. This remark makes one wonder whether the player will be presented with a long-term deal that will be negotiated.


According to what he said, Lukaku would begin representing Chelsea as soon as today. He will return to that location at the end of the current campaign; following that, a new scenario will be in play, and we will base our choice on that one.



Tammy Abraham appears to be a desirable replacement for Victor Osimhen, who is desired by Manchester United, that the west London club would like to hire. This would enable the group to compete for Osimhen’s services. The club might be thinking about this, according to Football Insider, which will open in a new tab on your computer.


It is far more important for Chelsea to find a means to score goals because they are statistically the worst goal scorers in any of the top four English football divisions. Despite the fact that Lukaku is still bound to the team, there is a significant probability that Abraham’s contract contains a buyback clause. There is a very high chance that this will occur. The most crucial aspect to take into account in this situation is that both players have the chance to start over at Stamford Bridge.



It is possible that both Abraham and Lukaku will be purchased once a new manager takes over responsibility for the team’s plan because both players were moved away while Tuchel was in charge of the club. Tuchel was the manager of the team at the time that both Abraham and Lukaku were traded away.


Lukaku has scored four goals in 15 games since his return to the San Siro, whilst Roma’s Abraham has 34 goals in 85 outings. Abraham outscores Lukaku in terms of goals scored.

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