Inside Marcus Rashford’s luxurious car collection: Everyone dream

Marcus Rashford has been a headline magnet for his football pitch heroics, outstanding community work, and of course, for being honoured as an MBE.


Marcus Rashford has been a magnet for headlines thanks to his heroics on the football field, his remarkable work in the community, and of course, being awarded an MBE for his efforts. His interest in autos is something that has flown beneath the radar until recently. This post will show you Marcus Rashford’s impressive car collection, which is sure to captivate any reader who has a passion for automobiles.




Price: £39,000


After signing his first professional contract, Marcus Rashford went out and purchαse d an Audi RS4 Avant, which we have in our records as the first automobile he ever owned. He spent over £39,000 on the car, which was equivalent to almost two weeks’ worth of his pay at the time.



This vehicle marked the end of Audi’s production of automobiles powered by 4.2 FSI V8 engines. For a station wagon, the 444 brake horse power that can be generated by this normally aspirated engine is rather remarkable. The station wagon has a distinct appearance that is both understated and intimidating at the same time. It is 20 millimeters lower than the conventional Audi A4 estate car, giving it the appearance of a sports car. You can reach 60 miles per hour in only 4.7 seconds, and if you really put your mind to it, you can even race down the road at 174 miles per hour. These are, once more, astoundingly low statistics for a station wagon. The clever four-wheel Quattro technology developed by Audi ensures a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain by delivering optimal torque to each of the wheels.




Price: £60,000


In point of fαct , Marcus Rashford is no longer the owner of this vehicle. On the other hand, he was behind the wheel of this vehicle in 2017 when he was involved in a collision on his way back from the Carrington training facility belonging to Manchester United. The incident took occurred just one day before the Red Devils’ match against West Ham in the Premier League. To our great relief, Rashford did not suffer any significant injuries as a result of the αccident . Despite the fαct that he was mentally shaken, he was able to make it into the match squad for Man United’s 2-0 victory away at London Stadium and came off the bench in the second half of the game.



In the end, Rashford decided to sell the car after having it fixed.


The Mercedes CLA 45 Coupe model year 2017 has an increase of 20 horsepower over its predecessor and is capable of producing 188 horsepower for every liter of fuel consumed. The boom of the engine comes in at an impressive 88 decibels, making it a fearsome opponent.




Price: £100,000


Since Rashford has a passion for Mercedes automobiles, the CLA 45 was not the only Mercedes vehicle that he had at the time. The England international has been seen driving a number of vehicles that bore the recognizable Mercedes-Benz brand insignia. One example of this is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe.



A model year 2019 Mercedes-Benz S Class was spotted being driven by Rashford. The steering wheel is equipped with a comprehensive set of control button keys that provide access to a wide variety of entertainment options, as well as the telephone, GPS, and various driving data. If you are not in the mood to press buttons, you can switch to voice command mode and tell the car what you want it to do. This is an alternative to pressing buttons. The temperature of the seats can be customized. The price tag of this vehicle, which is in the six-figure range, is justifiable due to the V8 turbocharged engine’s outstanding performance. In addition to this, it has an outstanding fuel economy, since it can travel up to 31 miles on a single gallon, and the interior is stuffed with high-tech conveniences. This vehicle has the potential to make long trips more enjoyable.




Price: £70,000



Another Mercedes vehicle has made its way into Marcus Rashford’s automobile fleet, and this time it’s a saloon called the Mercedes-AMG CG3 saloon. The vehicle possesses a magnificent V8 engine and a regal exhaust tone that is sure to turn the heads of all automobile enthusiasts. This vehicle takes a few nanoseconds longer than the S class, which can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about four seconds. The weight distribution of the C63 is such that more than half of it is carried by the front axles, but the vehicle is nevertheless capable of making spectacular bends at extremely acute angles. The driving experience can be improved by allowing the driver to choose from one of six different driving modes. When higher modes are selected, not only will the steadiness of the steering improve, but also the sensitivity of the accelerator will become more pronounced.




Price: £30,000


Due to the fαct that the Mercedes GLA 2020 is in no way a premium vehicle, the fαct that Marcus Rashford was seen driving it came as a sᴜrprise to us. It is a utility four-sitter that appears to be ideal for a family of four living in the suburbs. It is a well-rounded model that provides excellent mileage in addition to an affordable price. However, it does look a little strange being kept in the garage of a celebrity. It features a somewhat unimpressive 1.3L engine with a capacity of 161BHP, and it takes just under ten seconds to reach 60mph from zero. When compared to other models that Rashford has in his collection, this one does not stand out as particularly amazing. It can reach a maximum speed of 124 miles per hour. Although it is a stunningly beautiful and compact SUV, we still consider it to be an excessively reserved option.




Price: £38,000


Marcus Rashford also gets access to an inexpensive four-seater in the form of a Mercedes C Coupe at his disposal. Its 1.5-liter engine produces an impressive 194 brake horsepower. The vehicle can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in seven seconds, and despite the fαct that it is offered at an affordable price, it has certain high-end items inside the cabin that set it apart from other vehicles that are priced similarly.


The Mercedes-Benz C Coupe gets its cues for its exterior design from the more luxurious Mercedes-Benz S Coupe. The Airmatic Agility package of the vehicle includes a total of four different driving modes. As a result, you are able to adapt your driving sessions to meet the requirements of a variety of different road conditions. It is equipped with Mercedes-4MATIC Benz’s technology, which improves the driver’s ability to maintain control in challenging driving conditions.




Price: £70,000


Marcus Rashford can be seen beaming with satis fαct ion behind the wheel of his Range Rover Velar. At the 2018 World Car Awards, which took place in New York, this particular Range Rover model was recognized as having the best overall car design. The classy SUVs produced by Range Rover have helped make the brand famous all over the world. The Range Rover Velar perfectly encapsulates the Range Rover experience thanks to its refined combination of cutting-edge looks and outstanding performance. The superb exterior design and equally magnificent interior of the Range Rover Velar are the vehicle’s defining characteristics. This is the first iteration of the Range Rover that places more emphasis on its appearance than on its performance. Having said that, it would be unjust to belittle the engineering prowess that Range Rover has displayed to construct this exceptional set of wheels. The company has a stellar reputation in this regard.


Even on the roughest pavement, maneuvering this car is a breeze because it is equipped with a cutting-edge air suspension system. Every time you shift up or down through the gears, the eight-speed automatic gearbox manu fαct ured by ZF makes your driving more efficient. The V8 engine that sits beneath the hood of this vehicle has a maximum horsepower of 296. From a complete stop, moving forward at a speed of sixty miles per hour may be accomplished in about six seconds.




Price: £150,000


Marcus Rashford always drives to his training sessions in a Mercedes-AMG G63 because it is his preferred vehicle. Because he uses it more frequently than any of his other vehicles, it would indicate that he favors this particular make and model. Rashford’s initial purchαse price for the property was £140,000. The customization cost an additional ten thousαnd dollars. He gave the hood a one-of-a-kind paint job in camouflage pattern. The Mercedes-AMG G63 captures the essence of the traditional SUV design while adding some contemporary touches. It is powered by a monstrous 4L V8 engine that generates 577 horsepower. In addition to that, the vehicle features a massive torque output of 627 pound-feet. In terms of specifications, the Mercedes-AMG G63 is capable of competing with the very best sports cars available at the same price point.



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