Overtaking Man United, Chelsea 99% done ‘Super midfielder’ transfer

Chelsea are reportedly interested in signing the Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong.


The midfielder, who is now 25 years old, was strongly associated with a move to England during the previous summer; however, the player insisted on remaining with the Spanish club and declined the offer.


This season, the Dutch international has been a vital player for Xavi Hernandez, and it rҽmains to be seen if Barcelona is prepared to cash in on him during the summer. Xavi Hernandez has been the player most responsible for Xavi Hernandez’s success.



According to a report published by Fichajes, Chelsea are allegedly considering making a bid of approximately €80 million to acquire the player, since they have recently expressed interest in acquiring his services.


Graham Potter is interested in bolstering the team’s midfield and believes that the Dutch international midfielder would be an excellent addition to the squad.


De Jong is unquestionably one of the greatest central midfielders in Europe at the moment, and it would be a significant step forward to get him as a player rather than other options such as Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Conor Gallagher.



The Dutchman has the potential to be the perfect complement to Mateo Kovacic and Enzo Fernandez in the middle of Chelsea’s midfield for the upcoming season.


It is highly unlikely that the Blues will be the only team interested in signing him if he becomes available, and it rҽmains to be seen if they will be able to fend off the competition and eventually sign the player. The 25-year-old player expressed a high level of contentment with his situation at the Spanish club during the previous summer; however, it is currently unknown whether shell she will be successful in persuading him to go to the Premier League this time around.


Premier League rivals In the beginning of the season, Manchester United made an offer to sign the player, and it wouldn’t be strange if Erik ten Hag made another offer to sign his former teammate.


Graham Potter would have been SACKED as Chelsea boss a long time ago if Roman Abramovich was still owner

Paul Merson has asserted that Roman Abramovich would have removed Graham Potter from his position as manager of Chelsea a long time ago if he had remained the club’s owner during that time.


Since his arrival from Brighton in September to take over for the fired Thomas Tuchel as manager of Chelsea, the Englishman has had a difficult time adjusting to life at Stamford Bridge.



On Saturday, Chelsea’s win over Leeds by a score of 1-0 brought a little measure of relief for Potter, who has been under a huge amount of strain at the club. The Blues have only won two of their 12 games in 2023, and they have only scored seven goals in their last 17 games since the beginning of November. This has led to a chronic goal shortfall for the team, and they have only won two of those games.


They are now in 10th place in the Premier League and are 11 points away from the places that can qualify for the Champions League; yet, Potter has been able to preserve the faith of the regime that is managed by Todd Boehly at the club. Merson, a former star player for Arsenal, is of the opinion that Potter would not have been granted the same kind of patience if the club was still owned by someone other than Abramovich. Merson believes that Abramovich would have been the ideal owner.



“If Roman Abramovich was still there, it doesn’t take Einstein to work out, Graham Potter would have been a distant memory,” Merson said in an interview with Sky Sports. “Graham Potter would have been a distant memory.” Abramovich, who was known to be ruthless when sacking managers, was forced to put the club up for sale in March of last year after nearly two decades as the owner. This was as a result of sanctions imposed on him by the UK Government in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukrainҽ. Abramovich was known to be ruthless when sacking managers.


After the allegations that he maintained ties to Vladimir Putin, Downing Street subsequently froze all of Abramovich’s UK assets, which included Chelsea. This compҽlled Abramovich to organize a hasty exit and bid farewell to the club he had owned for so long.


After a protracted negotiation, in May, a consortium that was led by Boehly successfully acquired the club for a total price of 4.25 bιllion pounds.



Merson went on to explain that the bloated roster at Chelsea is the primary cause of the club’s struggles, as the Blues’ first team is comprised of more than 30 senior players. This means that the former Brighton manager has been placed in a position that is nearly impossible to succeed in.


In addition to this, he stated, “There are far too many players at Chelsea.” It makes no difference to me who the manager is; there are far too many players.


“Potter did not suddҽnly transform into a poor manager overnight.” As soon as he arrived, he was already behind the eight ball, and this was a contributing factor to the problem.


“When he [Potter] named the lineup on Saturday that made it 70-odd changes [to the starting XI] previously,” the commentator said.


Even though it’s March, he still hasn’t decided which of his teams is the best. That raises a great deal of concern. No Chelsea supporter was able to correctly identify the lineup that would play Dortmund on Tuesday. It is not even conceivable.


“There is no fluidity; it’s stop-start,” the speaker said. Partnerships are essential on the field, and Chelsea lacks those in almost every position.


The statement “Just because you put all of your best players on the pitch does not instantly constitute a team” is incorrect. They have to get along, which won’t be simple at all.


People have the misconception that if you put a truckload of international players on the football field, the game will end in a bαng, wallop, or crαsh. It’s a machine, and in order to operate it properly, you have to work your way up from the bottom. Merson was also scathing of Chelsea’s recruiting, despite the fαct that the club spent more than £300 million during the January transfer window. He claimed that many of the club’s signings had been forced upon Potter, rather than the 47-year-old seeking them.


He provided an explanation, sαying, “Against Tottenham, Chelsea didn’t appear like they were going to score a goal in a month of Sundays, and an £80 million player was sitting on the bench.” You can’t possibly be telling me that player is his.


If you pay £80 million for Mykhailo Mudryk and you go after that guy, you will play him every single minute of every game. If you were to sαy something like, “I want him for £80 million,” and then decide two weeks later that he can’t make the team, you wouldn’t be making yourself appear like a fool.


It is clear from this that he is not one of Potter’s players. According to my understanding of the situation, this is why the manager is still employed there.

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