Thierry Henry frank sharing Liverpool’s Bellingham case, ‘He remind me a Liverpool’s legend’

Jude Bellingham, a midfielder for Borussia Dortmund and England, is a “complete” player, according to Thierry Henry.


Thierry Henry said that Jude Bellingham, a midfielder for Borussia Dortmund and England, is a “complete” player while making fun of Liverpool fans on the midfielder’s prospective summer transfer to Jurgen Klopp’s squad.


The legendary Premier League player told Jamie Carragher that Bellamy will be able to have the same “impact” while playing for Liverpool as Steven Gerrard did.


The 2005 European Cup winner, who had previously гҽvҽαlеԀ how Gerrard was his idol growing up, has since informed the Reds that he is willing to travel to Germany to finalize a deal.



Because the 19-year-old is anticipated to be one of the most sought-after athletes in all of sport, it could be required come the summer.


If he isn’t already one of the main talking points, he will probably end up being THE talking point because the whole footballing world is clamoring for his signature.


Henry discussed the Englishman’s playing style and comparisons to other players in the game with CBS Sports on Paramount.


He’s all-around and comprehensive, said Henry.


He enjoys showcasing his abilities and mobility. He continuously clutches the ball, which I find admirable. He never flees.



Whether he is defending or attacking, he is constantly looking for opportunities to feed his attackers and is also willing to put out an effort to get the ball back. There are other f.a.c.tors at play as well since, as we all know, he is now capable of achieving anything, which is why so many people are drawn to him. He also has that in his toolbox.


“I think he’s wɑ𝚗теԀ by a lot of organizations. I’m sure you and I both have a sense of where he may finish up, Jamie (Carragher). After that, Henry turns to Carragher, who responds, “Hopefully, fingers crossed.”


Henry said, “It’s a hard one, who Bellingham makes me think of. I played with Xavi and Iniesta. They were dealers in balls. After that, Yaya Toure and I played. He was there below. There was a t.r.a.c.e of Patrick in it (Vieira). Yet Patrick was more persistent in getting the ball back. Nonetheless, once he started going, he was quite difficult to stop.



He plays midfield in the modern era. Everyone wants him as a result. He can do just about anything. He does, in fact (have traits like Steven Gerrard). But it’s a challenging one. You played about with the big man, Carragher. I appreciate Stevie G’s playing and personal flair. The item Stevie G possessed was. He used to draw his team closer together and improve everyone’s performance. I don’t know if he has it. He can make an impact and create an impression like Stevie G if he joins the group you all know and love.


Tuesday’s Champions League elimination of Dortmund by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, who held a 1-0 first-leg advantage, left Bellingham quite dissatisfied.


It will be a key issue to discuss with Bellingham because Champions League football is crucial.



Liverpool fans were concerned recently that their team wouldn’t participate in the Champions League; but, at the moment, they are playing Tottenham, who are now in fourth position, and have the chance to compete against the best the next season.


Bellingham is believed to be sick of playing in a city that seldom advances in Europe’s most t.h.r.i.l.l.i.n.g event following the 0-2 loss at Stamford Bridge. In particular, according to Transfer Center, the player’s father met in person with BLD from Real Madrid to discuss the future of the promising English midfielder.


The midfielder, who is 19 years old, is reportedly a superb football talent for the position. The Big Six of the Premier League are also interested in sending this star back to his native country to play, in addition to Real Madrid. Dortmund’s colors and objectives are believed to have been “packed” for Bellingham and he is ready to depart as soon as the 2023 summer break starts.

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