To gold the vulture’s engine, Perez is ready to ‘break the bank’ to sign Spain’s ‘next Iniesta’

Real Madrid may be pursuing Celta Vigo star Gabri Veiga. Celta Vigo star Veiga. Arsenal and Newcastle United want the La Liga player.


There are speculations that Real Madrid has entered the race to capture the phenomenal player Gabri Veiga, who currently plays for Celta Vigo. Veiga is a great player for Celta Vigo. There is also interest from Arsenal and Newcastle United in acquiring the services of the La Liga player.


The report from El Desmarque claims that Los Blancos will make an offer to sign the attacking midfielder who is 20 years old. It has recently come to light that the Premier League and other leagues across the world are interested in signing him after he emerged as one of the most promising young players in Spain while playing for Vigo. According to reports, Los Blancos will submit a bid to try to sign the attacking midfielder.



This season, Veiga has been one of the finest young players in all of Europe in terms of raw figures, and Madrid is now interested in signing the Vigo kid. Veiga’s team, Vigo, is located in Spain. Due to the fact that Mikel Arteta plays for both Arsenal and Newcastle, this is an update that neither of both clubs wanted to hear. Arteta has dual citizenship. Veiga has not only scored eight goals, but he has also assisted on three more.


Carlo Ancelotti’s side joining the fold could spell a lot of trouble for Premier League club’s looking to sign Veiga, with Madrid having a strong pull in the Spanish market and being arguably the most appealing club in La Liga for a youngster playing in the division. Carlo Ancelotti’s side joining the fold could spell a lot of trouble for Premier League club’s looking to sign Veiga. Veiga was praised by Faro de Vigo as being “excellent,” and the possibility of Carlo Ancelotti’s team joining the fold might create a lot of competition for Premier League clubs that are interested in signing Veiga.


And with regard to Newcastle in particular, the Magpies run the risk of missing out on the opportunity to acquire the Spanish prodigy. The player, who has a release clause of €40 million (£35 million), could be a brilliant signing for Eddie Howe’s side. An attacking midfielder is an excellent addition this summer for the giants from the northeast. The player has a release clause of €40 million (£35 million).



It is true that Newcastle has the financial resources necessary to outbid Madrid for Veiga; however, when it comes to the player choosing which club he would rather sign for, it is possible that the Toon will have no chance of preventing the Spanish youth international from signing with Bernabeu this summer. Although it is true that Newcastle possesses the financial resources necessary to outbid Madrid for Veiga, it is also true that Madrid has the financial resources necessary to outbid Newcastle for Veiga.



The presence of Real Madrid in any kind of transfer race provides the European giants with an immediate advantage due to the significant amount of pull and prestige that Los Blancos have in the market. Real Madrid is the most successful club in the world and is widely regarded as the best in the world. Because of this, it is probable that Newcastle will not have a chance of winning the competition to acquire Veiga despite the fact that they are becoming more well-known in the Premier League. This is because the competition will be quite stiff.



The tremendous project that Howe is leading at Newcastle will undoubtedly result in some top signings in the years to come; however, in this race to win Veiga’s signature, the Toon simply do not stand a chance against a club like Madrid if the Spanish giants take their interest in the Vigo superstar seriously. If Madrid takes Madrid’s interest in the Vigo superstar seriously, the Toon simply do not stand a chance against Madrid. Howe is in charge of a fantastic project at Newcastle, which, in the years to come, will certainly result in some top acquisitions, and it is all because to Howe.

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