With Ronaldo’s ‘Golden Trick’, Al-Nassr formally beat Arsenal to sign Bernabeu’s ‘Great Monument’

Several Real Madrid players, notably Luka Modric, are expected to let their contracts expire after the season. Real Madrid’s current roster is here. Because of this, rumors over his future at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium continue.


It is expected that the contracts of several Real Madrid players, including Luka Modric, will be allowed to run out at the conclusion of the current campaign. This contains all of the players that are currently on Real Madrid’s squad. Because of this, speculations and speculations over his future at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Real Madrid have not decreased at all.



The current contract that the 37-year-old player has with the Merengues has fewer than three months left on it, and the club has not yet determined whether or not they will keep him for another season. The player’s current deal has less than three months left on it. There are fewer than three months remaining on the player’s contract with the Merengues at the present time.


Modric is still performing fairly well for Real Madrid despite the fact that following the World Cup he had a slight decline in his form. In spite of the fact that he competed in the World Cup, this is the conclusion that can be drawn. In addition, the report states that the club will make an offer if they believe he is capable of continuing to make a useful contribution or if they choose not to renew his contract. The report also states that the club will make an offer if they believe he is capable of continuing to make a useful contribution. In addition to this, the report claims that the club will make an offer if they consider he is able to continue to make a contribution that is beneficial to the team.



Modric, for his part, is eager to study any and all possibilities; nevertheless, given the current state of affairs, it is predicted that the midfielder would leave at the end of the current season rather than sign a new agreement. Modric is eager to investigate any and all possibilities. Modric is open to pursuing any and all of the opportunities that present themselves. When it comes to his future, Modric is open to exploring any and all other possibilities.


In addition to this, the source suggests that Saudi Arabian powerhouses Al Nassr would be the next destination for the Croatian international player if the deal goes through.


The Middle Eastern club that had just recently purchased Cristiano Ronaldo had their sights set for quite some time prior to their recent acquisition of Ronaldo on making a move for Luka Modric. Prior to their recent acquisition of Ronaldo, the club had their sights set on making a move for Modric. The information that was provided by the source indicates that the legal counsel of the experienced midfielder has positive links not only with the club but also with Goran Vucevic, the director of the club.



As a direct result of this, the possibility of his switching to Al Nassr and resuming his friendship with Ronaldo is not absolutely out of the question.


When Real Madrid purchased Luka Modric from Tottenham in 2013, while he was still actively playing for Tottenham, Modric quickly became one of the most revered players in the history of Spanish club soccer. During his time in Spain, he has been awarded a large amount of trophies and prizes, and in 2018, the Ballon d’Or was presented to him as a reward for all of the hard work that he has put in over the course of his career.



Yet, it is probable that his time spent at the Bernabeu will come to an end in the very near future. His departure is expected to take place very soon. This theory suggests that Jude Bellingham, who is now playing for Borussia Dortmund, is being looked at as a potential replacement for the current incumbent.

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