After Man United loss Liverpool, Jamie Carragher continued trolls Man United on TV

Jamie Carragher could not resist poking fun at former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel following Liverpool’s thrashing of Erik ten Hag’s side on Sunday


Jamie Carragher has continued to take pleasure in Liverpool’s humiliation of Manchester United by diverting attention away from the television coverage of the Champions League in order to gloat in front of Peter Schmeichel.



Carragher was present at Anfield on Sunday night to observe Liverpool’s incredible thrashing of United in the Premier League match. Carragher was impressed by what he saw. In a record-setting victory that is still being processed in Manchester, the team managed by Jurgen Klopp scored seven goals against their opponents.


He had a terrific time getting one over on his commentary colleague Gary Neville on the night in question, and he has not yet come down off the high he had. When Chelsea defeated Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on Tuesday evening, he was on hand in the studio at CBS Sports to provide analysis and commentary on the game.



Carragher could not pass up the opportunity to ruffle Schmeichel’s feathers while he was at Stamford Bridge, and he could not stop himself from doing so. He began by placing a can of 7UP on the desk in front of him and then proceeded to ask questions about the match at Stamford Bridge, the price tag on Jude Bellingham, and AC Milan’s history in the Champions League. All of his inquiries had the number seven.


In the end, Schmeichel conceded, much to the amusement of Carragher and Micah Richards, who had been laughing at his resistance up until that point. “Don’t we have a seven-point advantage over you?” Schmeichel reacted.



“Oh, well done Jamie. I’ll give that whatever it is for one night. I feel compҽlled to admit that it did not fulfill my expectations in any way. It wasn’t up to par at all. Since then, I’ve been working hard to understand what’s going on here. Even now, I have no clue how something like that can occur, especially considering that it shouldn’t occur.


I believe that [Erik] ten Hag has alluded to the fαct that it was embarrassing, that it was unprofessional, and that it must never happen again. Hence, I hope he’s right, and I hope he handles everything well.


After that, Carragher retorted by saying, “Peter, you’ve just dubbed him ‘Ten Hag.’” Actually, it’s called “Seven Hag!””


In the past few days, the former Liverpool defender has been particularly active on social media, picking on Schmeichel after Neville did the same thing. On Monday, Carragher updated his Twitter profile image to one of Neville at Anfield looking sad. After that, he stated that Neville had “cried off” appearing on the Monday Night Football program that airs on Sky Sports and in which the two of them discuss the previous weekend’s football matches.



After the victory, Liverpool moved up to fifth position, just three points behind Tottenham in fourth place with a game in hand. Carragher has been prolonging the celebrations after the win. On Sunday, he gave an interview to Sky Sports in which he stated that “when you win by a scoreline it almost knocks a bit of the jubilation because Manchester United become the story more.”


“I think Klopp didn’t give the Kop a victory fist pump like you’d expect him to because of the result, and it feels like you’re rubbing it in.


It is a major boost for Liverpool in terms of their chances of finishing in the top four. It’s incredibly crucial in terms of what they could do monetarily and possibly a player they could bring in during the summer.

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