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Devale Ellis, born on April 2, 1984, is a well-known American actor and former football player. His extraordinary abilities on the football field astounded many.

However, Devale’s journey took a surprising turn as he transitioned from a promising football career to pursue his passion for acting. Let’s delve into the life and accomplishments of this multi-talented individual.

Early Life and Education:

Devale Ellis was born on April 2, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in a loving family, with his parents Troy and Karen, and a sister. Devale completed his high school education at James Madison High School in his hometown and further pursued higher education at Hofstra University.

Sports Career:

From an early age, Devale showed a keen interest in sports, particularly basketball and football. He decided to focus on football and played collegiately for Hofstra University’s team. In 2006, he participated in the NFL Draft but went undrafted. However, he impressed the scouts during the rookie mini-camp and earned a spot as a free agent with the Detroit Lions.

Devale’s time with the Lions was eventful, as he showcased his skills on the field. He started his first game against the Buffalo Bills and continued to contribute to the team’s success. Devale also had a stint with the Cleveland Browns in 2008 and 2009. However, he faced setbacks due to injuries, which led him to reevaluate his career path.

Acting Career:

In 2013, Devale Ellis made his acting debut in the film “Full Circle.” This marked the beginning of his second career as an actor. He went on to appear in various projects, including popular TV series like “Gotham,” “Master of None,” “Placeholders,” “Tough Love,” and “It’s Bruno!” Devale’s acting skills garnered recognition and established him as a versatile performer.

Personal Life:

Devale Ellis is happily married to Khadeen Ellis, whom he wed on July 4, 2010. Together, they have four children: Jackson, born in 2011; Kairo, born in 2016; Kaz, born in 2017. The couple shares their family experiences through their YouTube channel, “The Ellises,” where they post vlogs and parodies. They also engage with their audience through informative videos on topics like fitness, current events, and personal stories.

Podcast and Social Media Presence:

In addition to their YouTube channel, Devale and Khadeen host a podcast called “Dead Ass.” The podcast offers insights, advice, and discussions on love, marriage, and business. Devale Ellis maintains an active presence on social media platforms, with an Instagram account (@iamdevale) and a Twitter handle (@iamdevale), where he shares updates and connects with his fans.


Devale Ellis exemplifies the pursuit of passion and the courage to explore different paths in life. From his early achievements in football to his successful transition into acting, Devale continues to captivate audiences with his talent and versatility. His journey serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us that it’s never too late to chase our dreams and embrace new opportunities.

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