Janemena Biography: Age, Husband, State of Origin, Child, Wikipedia, Pictures, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Videos

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Janemena is a popular Nigerian social media influencer known for her captivating dance moves, energetic personality, and entertaining content. In this blog post, we will explore various aspects of Janemena’s life, including her biography, net worth, husband, social media channels, real name, educational background, career, and more!

Janemena  Biography and Wiki:

Janemena, whose real name is Jane Mena, was born and raised in Nigeria. However, her exact date of birth and age are not publicly available at the moment. She has garnered a massive following on social media platforms, thanks to her engaging content and vibrant personality.

Janemena  Husband and Children:

Janemena is happily married. Her husband’s name is Andre, and the couple often shares their love and happiness on social media. However, information regarding their children, if any, has not been publicly disclosed.

Janemena  Net Worth:

Janemena has achieved remarkable success as a social media influencer and dancer. While her exact net worth is undisclosed, her various brand collaborations, sponsored content, and appearances contribute significantly to her wealth. It is safe to say that she has built a substantial net worth through her endeavors.

Janemena  Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Janemena is very active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has a massive following. You can follow her on Instagram at [@janemena]. She regularly shares dance videos, lifestyle updates, and interacts with her followers, providing them with an insight into her life.

Janemena  Boyfriend:

Janemena is married to her loving husband, Andre. As of now, there is no public information about any previous boyfriends or relationships she may have had.

Janemena  House and Cars:

Details about Janemena’s residential house and cars are not publicly available. However, her success and popularity suggest that she leads a comfortable lifestyle.

Janemena  Real Name:

Janemena’s real name is Jane Mena.

Tribe and Religion: Information about Janemena’s tribe and religion is not publicly disclosed. However, it is important to respect her privacy regarding personal matters.

Janemena  State of Origin:

Janemena hails from Nigeria, but her specific state of origin is not publicly known.

Janemena  Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

Janemena’s personal contact details, including her phone number and WhatsApp number, are not publicly available. It is essential to respect her privacy and maintain appropriate boundaries.

Janemena  Residential House Address:

Janemena’s residential house address is not disclosed for privacy and security reasons.

Janemena  Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Specific details about Janemena’s educational background and the schools she attended are currently unavailable. However, her success as a social media influencer showcases her talent and determination.

Janemena  Career and Source of Wealth:

Janemena rose to fame through her engaging dance videos, which gained traction on social media platforms. Her captivating moves and unique style attracted a wide audience and led to her becoming a sought-after influencer. Janemena collaborates with various brands, promotes products, and monetizes her social media presence, thereby creating multiple sources of income.


Janemena, with her vibrant personality and captivating dance skills, has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian social media landscape. Her journey from a regular individual to a successful influencer serves as an inspiration to many. By sharing her talent and passion, Janemena has amassed a significant following and continues to make a mark in the digital world.

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