Antony ‘ignores’ Erik Ten Hag, Luke Shaw admits the team’s mistakes

The Manchester United winger has been criticized since the 0-7 loss to Liverpool on Sunday night and is accused of ignoring his manager’s instructions. Left-back Luke Shaw sᴀʏs United has become complacent since winning the League Cup.


Antony has been charged with disobeying Erik ten Hag’s orders during Manchester United’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool.


The Brazilian was one of many United players who performed far below expectations at Anfield last weekend, but Antony is under a lot of pressure to perform well given his astronomical £85 million price tag. He has yet to live up to the enormous price United paid for him, and the humiliation by Liverpool was one of his worst moments while wearing a Red Devils jersey.


Man Utd player ratings vs Liverpool: An absolutely disgraceful Anfield display | Goal.com Australia

Antony appeared harmless against Robertson on Sunday.


Ten Hag was blunt in his evaluation of his players, calling them “unprofessional” and questioning their work ethic. According to reports, the Dutchman made the team watch the Liverpool players celebrate in the locker room and apologized to the supporter base of the Red Devils.


Glen Hoddle, a former England manager, cited Antony as one of the worst United players on the day and questioned his tactical judgment.


“You’ve got to stay at least with the ball when you’re on the opposite side, particularly against these two full-backs,” Hoddle told Premier League productions. “His reaction should be to get level with the ball and also goal-side of Robertson.


“If the manager has told him to sit out, it’s not cheating, is it? If the manager has said sit out well then it’s not worked for them.


“But if the manager is sᴀʏɪɴɢ, ‘No, you’ve got to track back’, which he said after in his post-match interview that they didn’t work hard enough, then maybe he was asked to track back. He was out of position all day long.”


The news that Antony has previously been charged with disobeying his manager’s orders is concerning from Ten Hag’s point of view.


Five months ago, following the 6-3 thrashing at the hands of neighborhood rivals Manchester City at the Etihad, Antony was questioned despite scoring a lovely goal that was merely a consolation.


According to a Sun report, Ten Hag specifically instructed his Brazilian winger to follow behind and support Diogo Dalot in the lead-up to the match. However, as soon as the game began, Dalot was seen arguing with Antony and demanding that he provide defensive support.


Paul Scholes, a United legend, was aware of it at the time because he posted a photo of Ryan Giggs and David Beckham on Instagram with the caption, “Anyone remembers when wingers used to help their full-backs?”



Paul Scholes hinted that Antony did not support Dalot in defense.


Following Ten Hag’s instructions seems like the best place to start for Antony to make things right after his summer switch from Ajax.


Luke Shaw: ‘Man United was complacent after winning the League Cup’

Man United players were at 9 am as scheduled on Monday to practice recovering from the loss to Liverpool. They also had a meeting to analyze the reasons for the failure with coach Erik ten Hag – who had arrived a few hours earlier – and the coaching staff.


Ten Hag did not hide his dissatisfaction with the way the players played, which he called “unprofessional”. This defeat is reminiscent of the defeats against Brentford and Man City earlier in the season. As for Shaw, he admitted his recent performance was “disgraceful”.


Man United từng nhận thất bại nặng hơn trận thua 0-7 trước Liverpool? – Báo Người lao động

Luke Shaw was one of the most disappointing players in the match against Liverpool.


But sources sᴀʏ the focus of the meeting is to get over the worst defeat in history quickly and get back on the ground against Real Betis in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16. Three days later is the match against Southampton in the Premier League.


Despite anger and shame at both the manner and scale of the defeat at Anfield, the mood of Man United players is said to be a far cry from the ᴛᴏxɪᴄ and blaming atmosphere of last season.


With Man United’s impressive home form this season, 2 consecutive matches at Old Trafford are also considered a good foundation for a quick recovery. “None of us were too depressed,” said one insider.


But Shaw continued to lament and claim that United has become complacent since beating Newcastle in the League Cup final last weekend. They struggled to come back to defeat West Ham in the FA Cup and then defeat Liverpool.


“Our standards have obviously dropped since we won that trophy and in the last few games we haven’t been ourselves,” said the England left-back. “We have no personality, no mentality and to really get to the top we need to be better.”


“In the first half, we lost focus for a moment and were punished. In the second half, we lost focus for the whole half. As I said, it’s shameful, disgraceful, and unacceptable. We can’t let this one result ruin the whole season because we’re in a really good position. That’s another hurdle that we need to overcome and as a team, we will overcome that.”


Shaw added: “On the pitch, I felt ashamed for our players, for the fans there supporting us, who were watching at home, watching that second half.”


“I can only apologize for everything and we as players have to stand up and accept that the team is not good enough. That is completely unacceptable. I’m sure the fans are hurting. But we as players are also hurting a lot.”


“The score sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇᴅ me. I didn’t recognize my team,” Ten Hag said after the game. “I’ve seen for weeks and months that this team is really resilient and has a winning spirit. In the second half, we didn’t have a winning mentality at all. We didn’t stick to the plan and showed an unprofessional attitude.”


Indeed, the spirit of Man United has been very high after consecutive victories over the past time. The Red Devils won all 16 matches, drew 3, and lost only 1 match in 20 matches in all competitions since the 2022 World Cup. They are also the team that won the most points during this period.


Perhaps it is this overconfidence that has led to the complacency of the Man United players. Then they entered the match with the mentality of a superior, contemptuous a Liverpool in turmoil.


In this match, every Man United player was underpowered. The situation of Lisandro Martinez allowing Mohamed Salah to rotate like a pinwheel before assisting Cody Gakpo to raise the score to 3-0 clearly depicts the image of Man United in this match.


Manchester United’s biggest ever defeats following 7-0 Liverpool loss | Football | Metro News

The loss to Liverpool was like a nightmare to help Man Utd wake up.


Casemiro, Varane, and Luke Shaw all lost the ball in conceding goals. Then there were a series of mishandling phases of the defense. They play like an amateur football team. As a result, David de Gea had to go into the net to pick up the ball 7 times. De Gea basically didn’t make any saves either.


Captain Bruno Fernandes is soulless and weak. He constantly had rough situations and then violently fouled the opponent’s player and even shoved the referee. Fortunately, that situation was not recorded in the minutes. Otherwise, the Portuguese player would have been severely punished. “We try to react but in an erratic way,” admits Bruno.

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