Chelsea players got angry with Potter for leaving London’s ‘victory symbol’ on the bench

Graham Potter’s refusal to start Mason Mount has enraged Chelsea players. Mount’s constant starting has contributed to this.


It has been said that Graham Potter has infuriated some players in the Chelsea locker room by not starting Mason Mount on a regular basis. This has been attributed to the fact that Mount has been a consistent starter.


Mount, who is 24 years old, is reportedly a well-liked member of the squad at Stamford Bridge, according to a report that was published in The Independent.


It is common knowledge that certain people affiliated with Chelsea are dissatisfied with the fact that Mount has seen a considerable reduction in his playing time as of late, starting only one of the club’s most recent five games across all competitions. This is something that has come to the attention of the general public.



According to the information presented in the article, there is a general consensus that Potter is opting for the simpler answer by omitting the more reserved Mount, who is less likely to cause a commotion. The opinion that Potter is using the situation lends credence to this point of view and provides support for it.


On the other side, the decision to drop the England international does not sit well with some of the other members of the band.


Mount, who was consistently one of the best players for Chelsea in each of the two previous seasons, is presently having a difficult season despite the fact that he was consistently one of the best players for Chelsea. On the other hand, one could say the exact same thing about the vast majority of the team.



During the first few months of Potter’s reign, the offensive midfielder did see a significant amount of playing time, but in recent weeks, the head coach has showed less and less interest in including him in the starting eleven.


As a consequence of the suspension he received, he will not be able to participate in the Champions League match that will take place tonight against Borussia Dortmund. Because of the problems he was experiencing in his abdomen, he was unable to participate in the victory over Leeds that took place over the weekend.



His return of three goals and six assists so far this season is a little bit disappointing, especially considering the offensive quality that he possesses. So far this season, he has only had three assists.


When Potter just removed Mount from the XI, we believe that he acted completely lawfully and within his powers to do so. In addition to this, he is faced with the very impossible task of attempting to retain the contentment of a huge number of first-team stars. This is a responsibility that he has been given.


Despite the fact that he has played a significant part for Chelsea this season, as evidenced by the fact that he has made 32 appearances for the club thus far, he has been placed in the peculiar situation of warming the bench quite a bit in the most recent month. This is not something that has occurred to him very frequently in his life.



We can only keep our fingers crossed that this is a successful demonstration of man-management, and that it will lead to Mount regaining his form as a result.


It is easy for the players at Chelsea to see why they would display such loyalty to a teammate who has been such an important part of the squad over the course of the previous several years.

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