Erik ten Hag given new ‘nickname’ after he cricitizes Man United players

Erik ten Hag branded his Manchester United players “really unprofessional” following their 7-0 hammering by Liverpool, but Richard Keys has pointed the finger at the Dutchman


Richard Keys has gone on a rαmpage about Erik ten Hag, claiming that the player has been overhyped and that he is to blame for Manchester United’s humiliating loss to Liverpool. Keys’s rant began when Keys launched into a tirade about ten Hag.



An evening at Anfield on Sunday saw United receive a humiliating 7-0 defeat at the hands of Liverpool, a result that sent shockwaves across the Premier League. The record loss came after United had gone 11 games without a loss, during which they won their first trophy in six years. During that stretch, United also won a record number of games.


Following the humiliating defeat on Merseyside, Ten Hag stated that his team’s performance in the second half had been “very disrespectful.” But disgraced former Sky Sports presenter Keys has pointed the blame at the United manager, alleging that his team has been “getting away with a lot recently” because to the outstanding goal scoring form of Marcus Rashford. Keys made this accusation in an interview that was broadcast on Sky Sports. Ten Hag was formerly known as Keys as “Ten Months,” but now that the Dutchman has successfully reached that benchmark, Keys has rechristened him “Seven Hag,” in allusion to the humiliating result.



In his blog, the broadcaster for beIN SPORTS stated the following about Ten Hag: “He seems me as quite ready to claim credit when things go well, but it’s always somebody else’s fault when they don’t.” This time, his team members were “unprofessional” and “didn’t follow to the strategy,” according to him. To put it another way, you can’t put the responsibility on me, guv.


“I would have rather to have heard him remark, ‘it’s a one-off,’” she said. It won’t happen again, and even if it does, it won’t derail the progress that all of us have been making. That by itself would have been plenty. As a group, you should just take it on the chin. But, despite the fαct that he is the one who is complaining that United “didn’t stick together,” he is trying to distance himself from the situation.



Keys does acknowledge, if reluctantly, that United has been “making progress” over the course of the past few months; nonetheless, he asserts that Ten Hag’s game strategy consists solely of “sitting and waiting to mug the opposition with Rashford’s pace.” Wout Weghorst has only contributed one goal in 14 appearances since he joined the team in January on loan from Burnley. He is the target of special criticism from him about Ten Hag’s utilization of Weghorst.


Keys blasts the Dutch international as “the worst player I’ve ever seen in a United jersey” and argues that Ten Hag’s use of him as a No. 10 in recent matches is an attempt on Ten Hag’s part to be “too clever.” Keys’s criticism comes after Ten Hag used Keys as a No. 10 in recent matches.



In his writing, he stated, “It’s a farce, and the manager has got to give up pretending that Weghorst has got something to offer.” He does not qualify as a “pressing monster.” Simply put, he is unable to run, hence he does not “make runs.” And he doesn’t score goals.”


Even if Keys is in a lot of pαin, United still have a shot of winning a quadruple this season, despite the fαct that it appears exceedingly unlikely that they will. They are now in third place in the Premier League, 14 points behind Arsenal. In addition, they have advanced to the round of 16 in the Europa League and the quarterfinals of the FA Cup.


They will play Real Betis in the first leg of their Europa League knockout tie on Thursday at Old Trafford. The following day, on Sunday, they will play Southampton, who are having trouble staying in the Premier League playoff picture.

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