Here’s why the world’s best young players as Haaland, Mbappe admire Ronaldo but not Messi

Over the years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been an inspiration to some of the biggest names in football.


During his long career, the Portuguese forward has won 5 Ballon d’Or awards, scored a lot of goals, and won titles with top clubs in England, Spain, and Italy.


He also helped Portugal win the Euro 2016 tournament. Ronaldo deserves all the praise in the world for working hard and being dedicated to his job so that he could reach his full potential.




Mbappe has looked up to Ronaldo from the time he was a young player until he became a world star. In a recent interview, the striker for PSG said that he wants to build his career like his idol. “I will forget about Messi and only look up to Ronaldo,” said the current World Cup champion.


And many people around the world who want to play soccer look up to Ronaldo. Ronaldo, who will be 38 in February, has also been a big influence on some of football’s biggest stars today, like Kylian Mbappe.


France and Portugal played in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday. At halftime, Ronaldo and Mbappe did something funny.


After the game, Mbappe tweeted the word “idol” with the crown and goat emojis as a direct message to his hero.



But Mbappe isn’t the only current star who says Ronaldo is his role model.


Haaland Manchester City


Erling Haaland is one of the youngest strikers in the world, but he said that Ronaldo was the reason he became a football player. The man himself says so.


The 22-year-old told reporters earlier this year, “I would like to meet him and tell him that I am a footballer because of him.” “He was always someone I looked up to.




“I could speak for a lot of young players and United fans who saw the team when they were here. Most of us followed his career as it went on, and that’s what makes United so special.” There are signs that Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo know each other.


“It’s amazing how he’s kept going in his career and kept getting better every year.”



Most people his age are nearing the end of their careers, and his level is starting to go down, but he keeps getting better and better.


Joao Felix


Felix says he wants to do as well as his man in Portugal: “Cristiano Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or awards, which is the dream of every player. I want to be just like Ronaldo “.


Félix told Record in 2019 that Cristiano was his neighborhood hero and that he was a model for him in everything. “I was still a football player, and he was already the best player in the world. He is unique.


He writes about football’s past. I loved it when he called me weird. “People always ask me if I can reach Cristiano’s level, and I always tell them the same thing,” the Cheasel star said.


“Cristiano is unique and irreplaceable. I want nothing more than to be Joao Felix.”


Matthijs de Ligt


“When I was young, when I played football, I always said I was Ronaldo. My friends still remember that. I was especially happy when Ronaldo played for Man Utd. His shirt was also the first one I ever owned.” De Ligt thought back. Maybe the Dutch player also didn’t think he’d have the chance to win titles with his idol in the Turin club shirt just over 10 years later.


Diogo Dalot


When Dalot joined Manchester United, he said that Ronaldo was the reason he wanted to be a star on the field. And CR7 is the reason he wants to be a star for Manchester United: “Cristiano Ronaldo, I don’t need to say anything else about him. Everyone knows who he is already. Just know that He is the reason I’m going to follow this path to the end.


I’ve wanted to be like him ever since I was a child. And if you ask me if he was a reason why I chose to play for Manchester United, I would say yes. Ronaldo’s playing here and growing up here is a very admirable process. Here, I want to be like that.”


Bukayo Saka

The young player who works for Arsenal said that he admires Ronaldo’s spirit and hard work the most: “I like Ronaldo’s desire to win. He wants to be the best all the time. Ronaldo is always trying to do the best he can. Ronaldo always tries to have the perfect body and works hard on and off the field.


Ronaldo always plays with confidence and style when he’s on the field. This is why he’s one of the best players in the world right now. I look up to Ronaldo as a way to learn and get better.”

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