I Can Forgive, Take Back A Cheating Partner – Chinenye Uyanna

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The most well-known Nigerian actress Chinenye Uyanna, a popular Nigerian actress, has stated her opinion regarding relationship infidelity. For the film actor, she is prepared for forgiveness and is willing husband when he is caught cheating.

In an interview recently with Saturday Sun, she said: “Yes, I can accept forgiveness and get my spouse who had was cheating on me. It’s all about the ability to understand. Also the fact that I’m no anymore single. I could even be already married.

I’m not one to bring my personal issues on social media. It’s not appropriate to expose your personal life onto social media.

This means that people will not take away what they aren’t sure about. In recent times, men have been screaming about paternity issues, and for me, they should be a subscriber to whatever gives them security.


If they want to ask their spouse to take a DNA test, I’m not seeing an issue. It’s for everyone’s benefit. and I’m sure it’ll lessen the likelihood of future marital issues.”

Being a well-known celebrity, Chinenye Uyanna is an Economics and Political science graduate, says that fame isn’t depriving her of any of her possessions yet. She lives a normal life despite her status as a celebrity.


“Fame hasn’t denied me anything. I’m still able to do what I want and go wherever I’d like to go. I am not deprived of any right, and I am free to choose what I want to do.

My most significant accomplishment so far is achieving my dream to be an actor. When I am an actor and people see my work being recognized I feel so grateful,” she asserted.


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