Marcus Rashford goes shopping in his £280k McLaren 765LT after humiliating 7-0 defeat

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford was spotted out and about in Cheshire on Tuesday, just two days after his side’s 7-0 defeat to Liverpool.


The England international was on the pitch for 85 minutes of Sunday’s Premier League match against the Red Devils’ rivals at Anfield. Despite his efforts, the Red Devils were defeated badly by their adversaries.


The man, who was 25 years old at the time, also made the decision, after the loss, to go into town and do some shopping before getting back into his McLaren 765LT. Rashford was seen by photographers entering the jewelry shop Prestons, which specializes in luxury watches, before he was seen stepping back into his car. Photographers were able to capture this moment.



As the forward hurriedly entered his high-end sports automobile that cost £280,000, he sported a casual getup and wore a solemn expression on his face. Just two days after the devastating setback at Anfield, where Erik ten Hag’s side were thrashed 7-0, the forward made the decision to go shopping in Cheshire. Cheshire is located in the county of Cheshire.


The Reds secured all three points with the help of goals scored by Roberto Firmino, Cody Gakpo, Darwin Nunez, and Mohamed Salah. Their performance was emphatic. Despite the fαct that his team traveled to Anfield, Rashford was unable to add to his already excellent total of 14 goals scored in the Premier League this season.



After the game, several of Rashford’s teammates, including the captain Bruno Fernandes, were criticized for their behavior throughout the match, namely their body language and attitude.


After scoring against the Red Devils on Sunday, the Uruguayan forward for Liverpool, Nunez, was alleged to have made fun of Rashford’s signature celebration.


The Uruguayan lifted his index finger to the side of his head as he turned away to celebrate his powerful header. This is a gesture that Rashford has been known for, so it’s fitting that the Uruguayan did it.



The celebration has become popular all over the world, as evidenced by the fαct that tennis great Novak Djokovic, England cricketer Jofra Archer, and Manchester United teammate Jadon Sancho, together with Arsenal player Bukayo Saka, have all been seen executing the gesture in recent years.


Previous coverage in Sportsmail discussed the connection between the celebration and the ability to block out distractions and maintain mentαl toughness.


Wout Weghorst issues statement on controversial Anfield moment before 7-0 loss

The team captained by Erik ten Hag’s sobbed their way to a 7-0 loss against their bitter rivals, putting an end to whatever dreams the Reds had of remaining in the conversation regarding the championship for the next couple of weeks.


United entered the game in fantastic form, having dropped only one of their previous twenty-two matches over the course of 2023. Ten Hag is now tasked with the difficult task of ensuring that this situation does not spiral out of control and that players respond appropriately on Thursday against Real Betis.



Wout Weghorst, who was one of three loan signings announced in January, has played every single game since joining the club from Burnley. The Dutchman was involved in a contentious incident just before the start of their match against Liverpool.


As can be seen in the picture that was taken above, Weghorst was observed touching the “This is Anfield” sign that was located in the tunnel. A sign of respect that is often saved for Liverpool fans, as the club’s players themselves wait to show it until after they have won a trophy before doing so.


Fans, as was to be expected, wasted no time in sharing the event on social media, and Weghorst has now issued a statement in response to the photo that went viral. On Instagram, Weghorst stated, “Usually I never remark on media subjects, but for this one it’s worth it because you fantastic (Manchester United) supporters are essential to me.” This was in response to a question about whether or not he had ever commented on a media story.


I simply wαnted to clear up some things about the video that has been going around. Because I play for the national team, I am aware that Virgil always touches that sign, and the sole purpose I had in mind was to prevent him from touching it and to rile him up before the match.



Since I was a little boy, I have always cheered for FC Twente, and even though I am now a proud player for Manchester United, my commitment to this amazing club will never be called into doubt. Because Sunday was such a dreadful day for us all, we are going to put everything we have towards making up for it in the coming weeks. Together, we will get back on our feet and do everything we set out to do this year.


Since joining the team, Weghorst has made very few mistakes, and despite the fαct that his scoring record does not live up to the expectations of certain fans, he is one of the players who puts in the most effort on the field.


It is quite possible that he will leave the club at the end of the season. Hopefully, this will be a distant memory by the time the season comes to a close and United, in accordance with Weghorst’s assurances, accomplishes what they set out to do.

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