Mason Mount is a well-dressed footballer, his fashionisto style is what others might learn

Mason Mount’s fashion style is what many other players should follow.


The Premier League’s collective wardrobe is the Wild West; a lawless, heavily perfumed expanse in which ripped denim passes £12 Salt Bae fries to tiny Chanel purses that live opposite Vuitton dopp kits that inexplicably double as everyday bags who exchange Year 8 jibes with distressed Amiri T-shirts in a massive new build mansion somewhere in the vicinity of the North Circular.




This is a highly pricey roll of the dice. It is also controversial. From the introduction of his-and-hers biker leathers, The Culture has praised and criticized the attire of footballers with equal fervor. Players such as Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Tom Davies have adopted a flowing, billowier style of clothing that is invigorating. Yet both have felt the sting of a hazardous waste-filled sporting environment. The same can be said about the Plein, Balmain, and Amiri trio; logo-driven, conventional dressers follow suit and like it. In the meantime, self-proclaimed “tastemakers” of “elevated” brands hiss. Please, guys, can’t we just get along?



Considering Mason Mount of Chelsea, such a consensus seems plausible. The 23-year-old won Wimbledon in attire that, for the most part, unites the party. It is forceful, but it does not rock the boat. It is wearable, yet refuses to accept mediocrity. It is a straightforward illustration of a footballer on whom we can all agree.



Because it touches upon the most valuable touchstones in menswear. Fit comes first. Slouchy, laid-back, but not California king bedsheet-style T-shirt. In addition, there are skater slip-ons. Simple and unpretentious, yet not a tennis sneaker that could be manufactured by any ‘wardrobe essentials’ company on the earth. Mason, you’re doing pretty well here.



Perhaps the greatest combination is a shirt and vest. You refer to it as Layering For Beginners, we refer to this as surefire summer attire, and the sort of shirt makes it even more successful. Well, you could choose a standard Cuban collar and be done with it. In some wildflower embroidery, though, there is an element of crafternoon make-do-and-mend that was initiated by Bode, the reigning cottagecore brand. The surf is choppy, but beginner surfers can still navigate it.



Mount has reached the end of the thinnest of tightropes in order to achieve a Just Right fit. Obviously, there will be haters, as the Internet is a depressing place. Still, the Premier League is the Wild West. But for now, a day devoid of social media gunfights.




‘Going to have to take on the chin’ – BBC man tells Chelsea to make brave decision

Graham Potter, the manager of Chelsea, has received some feedback from BBC analyst Alan Hutton on his employment status at the west London club.


Potter has been under scrutiny in the Stamford Bridge dugout after a run of dismal performances, including losses to Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur at home and away, as well as Borussia Dortmund in their Champions League round of 16 first-leg meeting.


One pundit has voiced their opinions about Potter and the situation at the club as the second leg against Dortmund and their subsequent league game against Leicester City draw near.


On Potter’s current position at Chelsea and what his future should hold, Hutton stated the following in an interview with Football Insider.



“Graham Potter has been under tremendous pressure due to the amount of monҽy they have immediately spent,” he stated. Nonetheless, I don’t believe that will always be the case. Even though you spend a lot of monҽy on all these top players, they won’t immediately click.


Regardless of how they end, they will have to accept that he needs the remainder of this season. Allow him to select his strongest team during preseason, get everyone working well together, and then assess the situation after 10 to 15 games of the new season.


The Englishman has coached 27 games for Chelsea, winning 10, losing 10, and drawing seven, illustrating the ups and downs of Potter’s tenure at Stamford Bridge.


Hutton brought up the recent influx of new players at Chelsea, and as a result, the west London club now has the joint-second largest senior roster in the Premier League, with 32 players.

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