Messi’s teaching style for his son is admirable, while Ronaldo’s falls short

Messi encourages his students to pursue their passions rather than placing pressure on them to perform.


Argentina’s Lionel Messi is a world-renowned football player. The male player, who is now 35, is viewed as a living legend in the football community after winning multiple important honors including the Golden Ball and the European Golden Shoe.


Messi is seen as the “national” father in addition to being a superb football player. All of this is demonstrated by Messi’s unique approach to raising his kids. Messi does not indulge his kids despite his tremendous wealth. The offspring of the Argentine superstar, in contrast, experienced typical childhood development. Because for male players, “rising up with them every morning” is the definition of teaching.


Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro are Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo’s three sons. The three boys each have a unique personality: the two Mateos are humorous and clever, the smallest, Ciro, is incredibly cute, and the oldest, Thiago, is quiet and reserved.



There is no need to speculate about Messi’s workload given his apex “ball cake” career. And when people who are this busy go home, they typically take some time to unwind and recuperate. Messi did not, on the other hand. The 35-year-old father makes every attempt to spend his free time with his modest family despite the constraints of training and competition. What is family to you, I was asked by an Argentine newspaper reporter. Messi responded with emotion:


“Family is everything, absolutely everything to me. Being able to spend so much time with my family makes me feel incredibly lucky. Some families have two working parents who don’t get home until late at night. My parents put in a lot of hours at work, so I didn’t get to play with them very much.



I currently have the good fortune of being able to spend nearly the entire day with my kids, driving them to soccer, school, and other activities. I adore spending time with my modest family.”


Messi gets up early every morning to play with his kids and eat breakfast with them rather than sleeping in. Even though the kids frequently caused the football star to lose his mind with mischief, he was nonetheless appreciative and delighted about it. He always picked the kids up from school and came back later to rock his little angels to sleep. He says, “I adore doing it every day.


Don’t put too much pressure on your child


While Messi’s adversary, Ronaldo, instilled in his kids a rigid training regimen and extreme discipline, Messi let him grow naturally since he didn’t want to put any pressure on him. Messi constantly wants his kids to grow in their inherent abilities because of this.


“Young Thiago likes to shooт the ball. He is too young, which is the issue. Right now, he’d prefer swing and ride in a carriage than play football. Messi said, “He’ll do what he wants.


Despite being aware that his son shares his father’s football potential, the male player does not establish a framework and instead concentrates on providing the finest environment possible for his son to hone his talent. Because of this, we might not witness hard practice sessions or watch Messi play football with our kids on the pitch, but he is constantly thinking about their growth. This football star’s philosophy of teaching kids still centers on letting them participate in enjoyable games like puzzles, races, or soft skills programs.



Fans rarely see images of Messi training with children on social media. Instead, there are photos of him traveling with his family or playing fun children’s games with his children.


Teach your children about core values


Education, according to Messi, is the cornerstone of everything, as he said in an interview with La Garganta Poderosa of Argentina. He has always stressed education and the importance of parents in raising children. Namely, how to impart to them the value of leading a simple, inexpensive life.


According to the soccer great, he strives to teach his three sons the value of not taking advantage of their good fortune for granted. Messi actually makes an effort to teach his kids the worth of things so that they realize they will need to work hard for their money every day and do not view it as a blessing to have so many things readily available to them.



Messi’s wife is known to be a calm person who spends the most time with her children because he is frequently away from home to play. However, every time Messi scolds them, the children become even more terrified of him.

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