Potter commends Cucurella’s performance against Dortmund after backing him during a tough time

Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella impressed Graham Potter against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night. Dortmund fought. Cucurella helped Chelsea win. He was pleased with Cucurella’s performance because he covered for the defense throughout the club’s recent troubles. He protected the defender during the club’s issues.


On Tuesday night, Chelsea’s match against Borussia Dortmund left Graham Potter ecstatic about Marc Cucurella’s performance for the club. Borussia Dortmund was the opponent. Cucurella was a significant contributor to Chelsea’s victory. He admitted that during the recent troubles that the club had been going through, he had been covering for the defense, which is why he was particularly pleased with Cucurella’s performance. He was covering for the defender during the recent struggles that the club had been going through.



The Blues defeated the German club by a score of 2-0, which allowed them to move to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The goals that allowed them to advance came from Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz. The Blues were able to advance to the following round of the competition as a direct result of their outstanding performance, which allowed them to do so.


Cucurella was placed on the left side of three central defenders when he was given his starting position after making his way back into the starting lineup and being handed his starting position. After he was taken out of the game and replaced by Ben Chilwell, his position on the left side of the defensive formation was assumed by Chilwell.


Because Chilwell was able to make a full recovery from his injury and the Blues have been struggling overall in the Premier League, Cucurella has not been a regular member of Chelsea’s starting eleven in the most recent games. This is especially true in light of the fact that the Blues are currently in last place. This is as a result of both of these contributing variables.



Despite the fact that the team has been struggling with its form and that the team as a whole has not been picking up wins, Potter believes that the manager has been trying to protect the Spaniard from criticism by arguing that Cucurella has demonstrated his importance at Stamford Bridge. Despite the fact that the team as a whole has not been picking up wins, Potter believes that the manager has been trying to protect the Spaniard.


That makes it sound to me like they gave him the trophy for Man of the Match; is that anything that actually happened? Potter asked. “I am overjoyed for him in every possible way.


When you’re going through a bad patch like we are, you have no choice but to learn how to brush off criticism because you have no other option. The manner in which Marc has handled the situation has shown a high level of professionalism.



She added that their goal had been to “protect him a little bit” and that they had picked the perfect time to do so. He replaced in for Benoit Badiashile, who was injured and unable to play, and provided us with the left foot as well as the balance that we needed in a back three. To our utter delight, he provided an outstanding performance while playing that character.


The losing streak that Potter and his team had been on was finally broken on Saturday as they prevailed over Leeds to earn a victory in the Premier League. This victory came for Potter and his team after they had a string of less than stellar performances. As a result of their achievement, they have already won their last two matches in a row.



Potter is delighted with the manner that his team has been able to come together despite the challenges that they have faced, and he has expressed hope for the future of the organization.


He elaborated by saying, “It’s not just this evening,” and I’m going to quote him on this point: “This has been a challenging time for both of us. It was imperative that we answer to the inquiry that Leeds had issued. In the match versus Dortmund that took place away from our home stadium, we put up a valiant effort but were eventually unable to prevail. The opening half of our game against Southampton was dreadful, which can set off a domino effect of unfortunate occurrences. Due of the situation, we are in a position where the only option we have is to work together, and the other participants have done the same thing.

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