PSG coach issued decree to players before the ‘final’ match with Bayern

Paris Saint-coach Germain’s Christophe Galtier is confident in his team’s ability to overcome the odds when they take on Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 tonight.


With their victory over the tournament’s defending champion, China U20 produced a momentous occasion.


PSG will march to Bayern’s pitch on March 9 in the morning to play the second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League.


The Ligue 1 champions must win the rematch after falling short 0-1 in the first leg to have a chance of moving on to the quarterfinals.


Coach Christophe Galtier expressed optimism about PSG’s chances of winning and moving on to the next round during the pre-game press conference.


Yet, he believes that the chance won’t present itself until PSG alters their perspective and behavior toward a crucial match like this one.



“The season doesn’t stop at this game. Every game is important. It’s a very tough competition, there will be winners and losers tomorrow. But we always play every game with ambition. Champions League is a very important goal, we want to go as far as possible.


The team will need to take a much more ‘aggrҽssive’ approach than we showed in the first leg. If we can apply that mindset, we will have a chance to qualify for the round of 16.”


The PSG defense had let two goals in the victory over Nantes and three against Lille, according to the French captain, who claimed he was working to fortify it. Additionally, PSG will present a different face from the first match, according to coach Galtier.



“We will simply need to do more, with a different plan than the first leg. We will need to hold more of the ball, play higher and win the ball back stronger, right in the half. We want to show a different face from the first leg. The whole team will need to be alert and bold in attack.”


In contrast to the first leg, Kylian Mbappe will be at PSG’s side throughout their march to the Allianz Arena. The French star was only on the field for roughly 30 minutes, but that was enough to wreck Bayern’s system. He even succeeded in putting the ball in the goal, but he was sadly stopped by offside mistakes.


As a result, PSG can confidently reenact the Allianz Arena enthusiasm from the quarterfinal Champions League match that they won 3-2 with Mbappe scoring a brace thanks to the return of the No. 7 superstar.


Why is Messi becoming more and more smitten with Mbappe?

The 2022 World Cup final between Mbappe and superstar Lionel Messi was incredibly drаmatic and crаzy, but now he only wants to join this talent in achieving victory for PSG, as he remarked on the PSG TV channel.


“Mbappé’s performance was impressive. He scored three goals in a final, but not being able to win the title is crаzy. However, Mbappe also felt like a World Cup champion when won it before. And now, it’s great that we both play on the same team, together hoping to win the best for PSG,” Messi said.



The Argentine superstar also acknowledged that it was quite challenging to adjust during his initial transition from Barcelona to PSG. “But, I think everything is fantastic right now. I’m enjoying myself here in Paris, with the PSG team, and my life in general. I’m also becoming better and better on the field. I began this season with a new one. having a fresh stance and lots of passion, “Messi added.


Messi is presently preparing with PSG for the Champions League round of 16 matchup against Bayern Munich from 3 am to 9 am in the hopes of avenging the 0-1 loss from the first leg and advancing to the quarterfinals.


However, with Neymar’s recent injury-related absence and rest of the season, Messi and Mbappe grew closer and more bonded during both training and games.



Instead of speaking about himself, the Argentine superstar was the first to congratulate the French great on breаking the scoring mark at PSG (201 goals). He also established a cumulative record of 1,000 goals and 1,000 assists in 841 games (club only).


Messi has often affirmed that he and Mbappe have had a long-standing, excellent relationship.


“We discussed a variety of topics, including Argentina’s World Cup celebration in 2022. There were no issues at all between us “After the news, Messi informed the Argentine press. Since the 2022 World Cup final, there have been гumoгs of an argument between him and the French star.

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