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Uru Kalanwa Eke, professionally known as Uru Eke, is a Nigerian-British actress, director, filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur, and IT consultant. Born on October 11th, 1979 in Newham, East London, she has an impressive career that spans across the fields of information technology and entertainment. This blog post will delve into her early life, education, successful career in IT, journey into acting, notable movies, and her passion for social change through her foundation. Let’s explore the life of this multi-talented personality!

Uru Eke Early Life and Education:

Uru Eke’s roots lie in the Mbaise region of Imo State in southern Nigeria, although she was born and raised in East London, United Kingdom. She completed her elementary education in London before moving to Nigeria for her secondary education at Baptist Girls College in Lagos. Afterward, she returned to London and pursued higher education at Lewisham Southwark College, focusing on business information technology at the University of Greenwich.

Uru Eke IT Career and Entrepreneurship:

Right after high school, Uru Eke embarked on her IT career, securing a role as a Business Acceptance Test Analyst with prestigious financial companies in the UK, including Zurich International, Legal & General, HSBC, Halifax, and Lloyds TSB. Alongside her 9-to-5 job, she pursued vocational training, honing her IT skills, and establishing herself as an IT consultant and entrepreneur.

Venturing into Acting and Filmmaking:

In 2011, Uru Eke officially stepped into the world of acting with the London-based acting group “The Association of Multinational Performing Artists.” From there, she made her mark in stage plays and in-house productions. Her acting journey eventually led her to the Nollywood film industry, where she appeared in several notable movies like “Forgive me, Dad,” “Ebony,” “Lucky Joe,” and “The Return of Ogidi.”

Uru Eke Awards and Recognition:

Uru Eke’s talent and dedication have earned her recognition in the entertainment industry. She received nominations for prestigious awards such as the Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards, ELOY Awards, Golden Icon Awards, and City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress of the Year (English).

Social Initiatives and the Chime For Art Foundation:

Beyond her career in entertainment, Uru Eke is deeply committed to social change. She founded the Chime For Art Foundation, which aims to positively impact society using the powerful medium of film. Through this foundation, she has been actively involved in various philanthropic activities and initiatives.

Uru Eke Personal Life and Relationship:

Uru Eke is known to keep her personal life private. As of now, she is described as single and unmarried. In an interview, she expressed her ideal qualities in a partner, seeking someone who is romantic, playful, and faithful.

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Uru Eke’s journey from a successful IT consultant to a renowned Nollywood actress and filmmaker showcases her determination, versatility, and passion for both the tech and entertainment worlds. With her talent, philanthropic efforts, and entrepreneurial spirit, she continues to inspire and make a positive impact on society. Follow her on social media to stay updated with her endeavors and achievements!

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