Would this Real Madrid free agent be the “perfect” backup for Saka next season?

Arsenal has been on another level this season; they have been dominant. They have dismantled almost every Premier League team they have encountered. The greatest thing Arteta can guide Arsenal to is PL title glory, but if they do not win the league title, they will return to Champions League football after a six-year absence.


Overall, Arsenal will need to be stronger than they have been recently to demonstrate that they have restored themselves as Premier League powerhouses, and can make sure that we stay in the Champions League for many years to come.


Arteta will need to get it right in the transfer window if they want to maintain their supremacy and be intolerable to their opponents. Bringing in free agent Marco Asensio could be a good decision. If his position at Real Madrid does not change, Asensio will be a free agent in the summer. Arsenal is one of the major clubs interested in him, and Gabby Agbonlahor believes he would be an ideal summer signing for the Gunners.


“It’s exactly the sort of signing they need. Asensio isn’t playing as much as he’d like right now,” said Gabby on Football Insider.


“But he’s done so many good things for a long time at Real Madrid. He gets into tight spaces; he’s a flair player.


“They are the characteristics that Arsenal will be searching for this summer. And you look at their bench sometimes and just feel like they could do with a few extra top-quality signings.


“For me, he’s perfect. If Arsenal want to stay in that title fight every year, they’ve got to add to this squad.”


Bukayo Saka may have a perfect backup at right wing in Marco Asensio, just as Gabriel Martinelli has in Leandro Trossard. With Arsenal likely to compete in the Champions League next season, Arteta will need to rotate frequently to keep his squad fresh. With Asensio, there won’t be much of an uproar if Saka is rested once in a while.

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