Arsenal has received a “significant boost” for the €75 million signing in 2023.

Paris Saint-Germain may not be able to meet Arsenal’s asking price for Moussa Diaby due to their financial stability issues.

According to Jonathan Johnson of Caught Offside, PSG won’t be able to afford Moussa Diaby in the upcoming summer transfer window. Following this, Arsenal’s desire to sign the 23-year-old Bundesliga star grows.

The summer transfer market will be mined by Mikel Arteta for players who fit a specific profile. The manager of Arsenal will be looking for players who can improve his team rather than just fill a spot after such a successful season.

Arsenal needs a top-tier right winger to complement Bukayo Saka and enhance their offense. The Gunners are still in communication with 23-year-old Bundesliga standout Moussa Diaby, who is of interest to the club. If Bayer Leverkusen receives bids that are near to their values, they may sell the Frenchman.

Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain are Arsenal’s rivals for Diaby. Both teams have plenty of money and could afford it with ease. The most prominent player in the Bundesliga, who is only 23 years old, might prefer a transfer to the Premier League over a return to Paris, where he played before joining Leverkusen.

One of their main rivals, Paris Saint-Germain, competes against Arsenal, but things could get complicated. Jonathan Johnson claims that the concerns about Financial Fair Play will hurt any potential transfer for Diaby or any other expensive player.

Johnson declared, “I personally don’t like the idea of PSG bringing back players that they let go for a low price, as that can’t be viewed as smart business. There is no denying that he has improved and matured as a player since leaving PSG, so it is not surprising to see clubs like Arsenal and Newcastle linked with him.

However, I’m not sure PSG will be able to come up with the kind of cash Leverkusen would want for him given their financial limitations. I wouldn’t be shocked if his asking price was in the €40–€50 million range, just over €50 million.

Although there may be room to negotiate a slightly lower initial fee, the overall structure of the deal is still likely to total around €50 million. I don’t think Leverkusen will sell him for less than a starting price of about €30 million.

The player is highly regarded by Arsenal, who sees him as the ideal choice to raise the level of his current players. One of Diaby’s prospective suitors is Newcastle United, who has the cash to close a deal with Leverkusen.

But if Diaby joins Arsenal, who have raised their game, his decision might be influenced by the chance to compete in the Champions League. The competition for the 23-year-old Bundesliga star is currently fierce. The Frenchman will be difficult to acquire during the summer transfer window.

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