Chelsea superstars were furious by Potter’s decision to leave London’s ‘new Saint’ on the bench

Chelsea players are reportedly furious at Graham Potter for periodically benching Mason Mount. Mount’s starting reliability may explain this.


Some Chelsea players have reportedly expressed their rage at Graham Potter for occasionally benching Mason Mount. This has been linked to Mount’s history of being a reliable starter.


A report that appeared in The Independent claims that Mount, a 24-year-old player at Stamford Bridge, is a well-liked teammate.



It is well known that some Chelsea supporters are unhappy with the fact that Mount has recently witnessed a significant decrease in playing time, starting only one of the team’s last five games across all competitions. The broader public has become aware of this issue.


The material in the piece indicates that there is a general agreement that Potter is choosing the easier solution by leaving out the more reserved Mount, who is less likely to raise a commotion. This point of view is supported by the idea that Potter is making use of the circumstances.


On the other hand, several of the other band members do not agree with the decision to drop the England international.



In each of the two previous seasons, Mount was typically one of the finest players for Chelsea. Despite this, he is currently having a rough season. On the other hand, the vast bulk of the team may be said to fit this description.


The offensive midfielder did get a lot of playing time in the early months of Potter’s tenure, but in recent weeks, the head coach has been less and less interested in starting him.


Due to the suspension he received, he will be unable to take part in tonight’s Champions League encounter against Borussia Dortmund. He was unable to take part in the triumph over Leeds that occurred over the weekend due to the issues he was having in his abdomen.


In light of the offensive talent he possesses, his return of three goals and six assists so far this season is somewhat underwhelming. He has only had three assists so far this season.


We think Potter behaved entirely legitimately and within his authority when he recently removed Mount from the XI. He also has the near-impossible burden of striving to maintain the happiness of a sizable number of first-team talents. He has been given responsibility for this.



Despite having a key role for Chelsea this season, as shown by the fact that he has made 32 appearances for the team so far, he has found himself in the strange position of spending a lot of time warming the bench in the past month. He hasn’t experienced something like this very often in his life.


We can only cross our fingers in hopes that this man-management experiment is a success and that Mount will regain his shape as a result.


The Chelsea players can easily see why they would show such loyalty to a comrade who has played such a significant role in the squad over the previous few years.


Todd Boehly delivers a loud message to Chelsea by meeting with Graham Potter after Borussia Dortmund

The 2-0 UEFA Champions League victory over Borussia Dortmund by Chelsea may have a significant impact on Graham Potter’s career and Todd Boehly’s reputation as ownership.


Following a 1-0 first-leg loss at Signal Iduna Park three weeks prior, Chelsea scored goals from Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz to go to the quarterfinals.


The victory relieves Potter of additional strain after the 47-year-old was subjected to intense questioning over his future following his team’s 2-0 loss to Tottenham two weeks ago. Also, it is the first time since October that the North Londoners have won two straight games.



The Chelsea players, staff, and fans’ reactions as Danny Makkelie blew the final horn brilliantly captured the significance of the outcome for the team. Also, video of the tunnel after the game was available to demonstrate Bohely’s response.


The co-owner was seen awaiting Potter’s return from media duty in the Stamford Bridge tunnel before shaking his hand and giving the Chelsea manager a hug. The US billionaire, who has stood by Potter despite outside accusations to sever connections with the Englishman, is grinning from ear to ear.


Football.london is aware that throughout the trying time, Potter has maintained the backing of the club ownership. Boehly earlier stated that he wanted to develop a project near Stamford Bridge and avoid abandoning ship anytime the tide changed.


Chelsea’s 2022–23 season is still alive if they advance to the quarterfinals, but they have minimal chance of making the top four in the Premier League. At the draw on Friday (11am GMT/6am EST), they will find out their opponents for the following round and semifinal, with hopes of following Thomas Tuchel’s example continuing over the ensuing weeks.

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