‘Done’: The leadership of Man Utd finally finalized 6 names forced to leave OTF this summer

Man Utd’s management has chosen the six players who must be let go during the summer 2023 transfer window.


Some of the players that will depart from Manchester United in the summer of 2023 include Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay.



Harry Maguire, Anthony Martial, Scott McTominay, Dean Henderson, Alex Telles, and Eric Bailly are among the six players who Man Utd has decided must depart Old Trafford in the summer of 2023.


Harry Maguire, the center-back for the captain, specifically had to say goodbye, which is not surprιsιng given that the English player does not adhere to coach Ten Hag’s coaching philosophy.


With his slump at the end of last season, Maguire has ceased to be a reliable stop for the Red Devils’ defense.


Man United will undoubtedly want to sell Maguire quickly while it is still affordable to quickly acquire new defensive players.


Since Eric Bailly is now playing on loan for Marseille and the buyout clause is likely to expire while the French squad is currently on loan, he has almost no chance of returning to Manchester United. is positioned second in the Ligue 1 standings (Marseille is forced to buy Eric Bailly outright if he is in the Champions League group).



Goalkeeper Dean Henderson, who is now on loan at Nottingham Forest, has no prospҽct of playing at Old Trafford again next season.


The Englishman has made it clear that he does not want to sit on the sidelines again and instead wants a starting spot, but given De Gea’s current form, that is all but impossible.


Coach Ten Hag no longer has any plans for defender Alex Telles, who is presently on loan at Sevilla but hasn’t had a chance to train with the Dutch tactician.


Nevertheless, following recent underwhelming performances, coach Ten Hag has lost faith in two current Manchester United players, Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay.


Martial, a French player, had too many injuries and made too little of an impact on the Red Devils.


McTominay, however, fell short of the team’s level of proficiency.


Pep Guardiola “kicked” Man Utd for spending cash to win championships

Man City’s head coach has just criticized Man Utd for solely “using money to buy titles”.



After the Red Devils won their first championship in six years, Pep promptly “kicked” Manchester United.


When Man City started off the FA Cup on February 27, Pep Guardiola referenced the rival cities in a quick press conference.


“Congratulations to Manchester United on winning the League Cup and also Newcastle, very exciting match,” Man City’s “captain” remarked sarcastically. That takes place sooner or later (MU has its first title after). 6) will occur as well, congratulations. Man United will be a serious Premier League title challenger if they spend a bit more money. The six seasons just past?”


“I remember very well when Man City won their first League Cup and everyone was quite happy about it,” Pep continued. The entire team, including the staff, players, and staff, felt it. Everyone thought, “Oh, that’s fantastic!” when we won the League Cup for the fourth time in a row. In the club’s standard room, yet another trophy will be on display.



Man City is an extremely aggrҽssive team that has spent a lot of money in the last ten years upgrading their roster and establishing themselves as a serious power in England.


Yet, if the previous five years are included, Man City has spent less on hiring than MU.


In particular, MU spent £ 685 million while Man City spent £ 660 million.


It is noteworthy that MU recently won the League Cup whereas Man City won nine major championships during this time, including four Premier League wins and four straight League Cups.

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