Luxurious summer of the sᴜрег rich: Look at Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo is taking a break on the island of Majorca right now. The fact that Ronaldo’s family is having a very nice summer vacation has been all over the news for the past few days.


The 37-year-old Manchester United player spent the summer on the island of Majorca with his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and her children (Spain). The whole Ronaldo family is staying at the foot of Mount Tramuntana in a luxury villa.


Ronaldo’s private jet, which cost the same as 24 million dollar, was used so that the whole family could get to the summer vacation spot quickly and easily.


Ronaldo asked to take his two supercars to Majorca so that his family could get around during the summer break.


After driving around in a supercar, Ronaldo’s family all got on the yacht to enjoy a private, luxurious space.


About 700 million dollar is how much Ronaldo’s yacht is worth.


Let’s find out more about the high-end summer trip that Ronaldo is interested in:



Private jet: Ronaldo’s small family of 7 people has 5 young children, including Cristiano Jr., who is 11 years old, Eva, who is 5, Matteo, who is 5, Alana Martina, who is 4, and Bella, who is 4. (2 months old). This past week, the family took a private jet to Majorca.


Ronaldo also celebrated the 12th birthday of his oldest son during this holiday. Even though Cristiano Jr.’s birthday was a few days late, he is enjoying his summer vacation with his whole family.




In the photos that were shared on social media, Georgina, who is dating Ronaldo, shows that she cares for and loves her daughter Bella, who is the youngest member of Ronaldo’s family.


Ronaldo has had his own private jet since 2015. He uses it for his own travel needs.


At the moment, the news media are interested in how well-off Ronaldo’s family is on their summer vacation.





Luxury resort: This is the second time Ronaldo’s family has gone to Majorca for a vacation. Last year, his family paid about 1.2 million dollar per night to stay in an old villa with a view of the sea.


This time, Ronaldo’s family chose a more private and secluded place to stay. They stayed in a luxury resort in a sparser, more isolated area, surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range.


This resort is quiet and out in the middle of nowhere.



Georgina, who is dating Ronaldo, is very involved in sharing the fun times her family is having on vacation. Ronaldo will spend 10 days with his family in Majorca. He brought two supercars and a yacht to help him and his family get around.


One of the two supercars Ronaldo asked to be brought to Majorca is big enough for the whole family, and the other is a super sports car made just for Ronaldo.





Private yacht: Ronaldo’s family loves to spend their summer vacations on yachts. Almost every family trip looks like a yacht trip. Ronaldo’s yacht is worth 700M dollar.


This “sea villa” has 5 luxurious cabin rooms, 6 bathrooms, a modern kitchen, two entertainment areas, a large common area, and an impressively designed dining room.


When the whole Ronaldo family gets on this yacht, they can always do the best and most private things.


So, when they go on summer vacation, they always bring yachts.




On March 19, Portugal celebrates Father’s Day. This time, model Georgina Rodriguez used social media to show her love for Ronaldo, a 37-year-old player who is about to have his sixth child.


“Every day is happy and unique when I’m with you. Everyone in the family loves you a lot. Thank you so much, best father in the world, “In her most recent social media post, model Georgina Rodriguez said the following.


Georgina Rodriguez, who is 28, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 33, have a baby girl named Alana (5 years old). In her most recent post, Georgina Rodriguez also showed a lot of photos of Ronaldo with his kids.


Ronaldo used to have a son, Cristiano Jr., who is 12 years old, and twins, Eva and Mateo, who are a boy and a girl (5 years old). Nobody ever found out who Cristiano Jr.’s mother was. A surrogate was used to have two babies, Eva and Mateo. The two babies were born before Ronaldo  et Ms. Georgina Rodriguez, the woman he is now dating.

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