Overwhelmed by the tattoo of Ronaldo’s crazy fan showing his love for idols

A fan who is extremely loyal to Cristiano Ronaldo made the decision to permanently show his admiration for the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or by getting a tattoo on his body that included Ronaldo’s name and number.


Ronaldo is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and he has a tremendous audience all over the world that goes beyond the scope of the numerous clubs he has played for in the past. Ronaldo’s popularity has helped him become one of the most lucrative athletes in the world.


And Parthiban, who was born in India, is so enamored of the man who is now 37 that he has a tattoo of the older man on the back of his own body.


The tattoo, which has the player’s name at the top and his renowned number seven below it, covers a significant amount of the supporter’s back. It also features the player’s number seven below it.



It appears to have been done in the typeface style that was used for La Liga back in the day when Ronaldo was shattering all kinds of records while playing for Real Madrid.


The design of the tattoo, which Parthiban uploaded to Instagram, is completed with a large representation of a football.


It is reported that Ronaldo himself does not have any tattoos, and that the reason he prefers not to have tattoos is so that he may continue to donate ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ on a regular basis.


But Parthiban believes he had no choice but to go to great measures to demonstrate his emotions, and he stated that he cried when Portugal were eliminated from the World Cup. He did this because he believes he had no other choice.



In response to a question on Ronaldo, he told Newsflash, “I am a big Ronaldo admirer; I adore his approach and his hard work.” This was his way of expressing his admiration for Ronaldo.


Because he and I both come from families that are generally regarded as belonging to the middle class, I am able to identify with him.


“He brought Portugal’s name and reputation to the notice of people all over the world, making Portugal proud, and bringing Portugal’s name and reputation to the attention of people all over the world.” He does not indulge in any behaviors that might be considered inappropriate. Because of these characteristics of his personality and character, I decided to back him as a candidate.



Because I respect and admire him the most, I decided to get a tattoo that included both his name and his phone number.


Although I am aware that Ronaldo is not a fan of tattoos, I went ahead and got one anyway since I had always ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ one, and it broke my heart when Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup. My eyes welled up with moisture at the sound of his wailing.


I shared the video of the tattoo on a few different websites when I uploaded it to Instagram and viewed it there. In the end, it became a viral phenomenon, which was the very last thing I anticipated it to achieve.


In the forthcoming encounter against Paris Saint-Germain, Ronaldo, who is presently playing for Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, is slated to captain a Riyadh XI. Ronaldo will lead the Riyadh XI. It’s possible that this may be the last time Ronaldo faces off against his longtime rival Lionel Messi in a game that takes place on the field.



At the King Fahd International Stadium, the exhibition match is scheduled to take place on Thursday as planned. This will be the first time that Ronaldo competes in a game in the kingdom.


Reports indicate that a total of two million internet ticket requests were submitted, and a Saudi billionaire spent an amazing $2.2 million for the “Ultimate Pass” in order to attend the event.

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