Removing Fred, Man United will dye the skies of Europe red to recruit Pogba’s ‘descendant’

Manchester United may try to sign €130 million Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga this summer. Manchester United would sign Camavinga.


It has been claimed that Manchester United would attempt to finalize a trade for Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga this summer for a cost of €130 million. The transfer would involve Camavinga moving to Manchester United.



According to information that was provided in a piece of writing that was distributed by a Spanish news organization known as Defensa Central, Manchester United is apparently considering making a move to recruit Eduardo Camavinga. In order for the Red Devils to secure the services of the Real Madrid midfielder, the club has indicated that they are willing to pay a compensation fee of €130 million. But, Los Blancos will not be open to any offers for the French central midfielder during the summer window for player transfers and would not consider any offers.


Before to joining Stade Rennais in 2013, Eduardo Camavinga spent the majority of his youth career playing for Drapeau-Fougeres. In 2013, he made the move to Stade Rennais. After that, he joined the youth program of the French club and eventually made his debut with the first squad while he was just a youngster. He did this by working his way up through the ranks of the youth program. And the young talent, who was only 20 years old at the time, unavoidably developed into a sought commodity in the market prior to Real Madrid acquiring him in August of 2021.



Despite the fact that he hasn’t had a lot of continuous playing time for Real Madrid since then, the French central midfielder has made great progress since then. The young player has appeared in 79 games for Real Madrid and has contributed to the squad with two goals and three assists throughout his career. The worth of Camavinga keeps going up, and Manchester United is reportedly showing interest in purchasing his talents.


Despite the fact that they added two new midfielders over the summer of 2017, Manchester United intends to keep looking for a third player to round out their squad. But, Christian Eriksen is well past the age of 30, and he does not possess the stamina that is required to play for a lengthy amount of time. In addition, Scott McTominay’s long-term plans are now unknown, while Marcel Sabitzer is expected to return to Bayern Munich at the conclusion of the current season.



Some recent reports suggest that during the upcoming summer, Manchester United may investigate the prospect of permanently adding Sabitzer to their team. Despite this, the Red Devils are not shutting any doors, which is especially noteworthy in light of the debacle that transpired with Frenkie de Jong during the previous season. It is fascinating to learn that Manchester United is still enthusiastic about the possibility of signing de Jong. On the other side, Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga has emerged as a possible replacement.


Throughout the month of January, several clubs in the Premier League expressed interest in purchasing the player who is 20 years old. During the winter transfer window, however, Real Madrid did not take into consideration any of the offers that were made for the young talent. In the coming weeks and months, Manchester United will make an offer for 130 million euros in the hopes of determining whether or not Real Madrid is willing to bargain.



Any club’s decision-making process is susceptible to being influenced by a quantity of money as substantial as €130 million. During the summer transfer window for Real Madrid, Camavinga will not be heading to another team. This decision was made by Real Madrid. Because the Frenchman has only worked for Santiago Bernabeu for the past two years, it is quite unlikely that he will make an effort to leave the club in the near future. Thus, Manchester United will have to look for a replacement for the young player during the transfer window that will be open this summer.

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