Sheggz BBNaija Biography, Age, Real Name, Movies, Pictures, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Social Media Profile.

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Biography of Shegzz BBNaija

History Of Segun Daniel Olusemo: Everything To Know About Sheggz Olu (BBNaija) Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Tattoo, Relationship, Marriage, Weight, Height, Gym Workout

Who Is Sheggz?

Sheggz Olu, whose name is Segun Daniel Olusemo and who was born on November 13, 1996, is a professional footballer, actor, and contestant on Season 7 of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) in 2022. His wealth in 2022 is projected to be $500,000 or 300 trillion Nigerian naira.

Sheggz is the most stunning Housemate in Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, titled “Level Up.” For those curious, his given name is Segun Daniel Olusemo. The 13th of November, 1996, was the day of his birth.

Tattooed 26-year-old Segun Sheggz Olu, whose real name is Daniel Olusemo, was born in the United Kingdom but grew up in Lagos State, Nigeria. He comes from the Yoruba people. Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo, natives of the southwest region of Nigeria, gave birth to him. Additionally, he is one of many brothers and sisters.

The Big Brother Naija star Segun Daniel Olusemo, better known by his stage name Sheggz, is now single. He has never been married and is not seeing anybody at present. There had been nine months since he last dated someone.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography, Net worth, Cars, Social Media

Segun Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) BBNaija Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Stage Name: Sheggz (BBNaija BBN Season 7)

Nickname: Sheggz Olu

Real Name: Segun Daniel Olusemo

Nationality: Nigerian, British

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Lagos, London

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 13 November 1996

Birthday: 13th November

Age: 27 (2022)

Height: 5″9 Feet Tall

Weight: 85kg (187lbs)

Tattoo: Yes, Tattooed

Occupation, Career: Footballer, Actor, Reality TV Star

Football Club: Ware FC 1st Team

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦300,000,000 Million Naira

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo

Father: Mr. Olusemo

Mother: Mrs. Olusemo

Instagram: Sheggzolu

Facebook: Segun Daniel Olusemo

Education: University of Buckingham

Accent: British


Who Is Segun Daniel Olusemo?

Segun Sheggz, Nigerian-born British footballer, actor, model, and reality TV personality Daniel Olusemo, is competing in the seventh season of Big Brother Naija in 2022. A baby was born on November 13, 1996, and his name is Sheggz Olu. In 2022, Segun Daniel Olusemi Sheggz’s fortune is predicted to reach $500,000.

Sheggz Olu, born in Nigeria but raised in the United Kingdom, is a professional footballer and Nollywood actor. He is 26 years old. Sheggz returned to acting after an injury sidelined him for a year and has since landed a part in a film directed by Tola Odunsi.

Meet England-based actor, footballer, #BBNaija housemate, Shegzz

About Sheggz (Segun Daniel Olusemo) Football Career, Club: 

Which Club Does Sheggz Play For?

The name of Segun Daniel Olusemo Sheggz football club is Ware FC 1st Team

Segun Sheggz, aka professional footballer Daniel Olusemo, now competes for the London-based club Ware FC 1st Team. In his spare time, Sheggz enjoys playing sports and watching football.


Segun Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) Acting Career, Movies

Segun Additionally, Daniel Olusemo Sheggz is an actor that is passionate about performing. During his introduction, he disclosed that, in addition to football, he is also an actress.

Sheggz did not, however, highlight all of the listed films.


Sheggz Nollywood Career:

Segun Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) either wins or is ejected from the program; he will undoubtedly become a major star in Nollywood.


Segun Daniel Olusemo: Sheggz Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) BBN Season 7 ‘Level Up’ Housemate:

Sheggz (born Segun Daniel Olusemo) is a 26-year-old competitor on the upcoming season 7 of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), titled “Level Up.”

Sheggz has more tattoos than any competitor on BBNaija 2022 Season 7, and he’s also the most attractive.

Sheggz Olu: “My name is Sheggz. Something I’ve hoped for more than three years has finally come true. So let’s wake up at the same time!

In the #BBNaija Level Up game, Sheggz Olu said he is on the show for the “vibes, females, and money.” He believes his genuineness, honesty, forthrightness, and affection will help him succeed.

A House member’s first dislike of him would come as a surprise to him, he says.

Sheggz claims to be unmarried, to have an affinity for romantic partnerships, and to exude self-assurance without arrogance. Nevertheless, he is confident in his abilities and thinks the world can learn much from him.

A Naija housemate named Sheggz (@sheggzolu) claims he is the next level of Housemate because he is always genuine and authentic.

Sheggz is “confident, but not arrogant” and calls himself “the ideal blend of Lagos and London.” He is a hard worker, but he also recognizes the value of being an intelligent worker. Sheggz sees himself as genuine, approachable, and driven; he can talk when necessary but is also an excellent listener.

Sheggz Bbnaija Biography, Net worth, Cars, Social Media

Segun Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) Education History, Educational Background:

Sheggz Olu has a degree from Buckingham University. Segun Skegness Grammar School (Class of 2013) and Grange School were Daniel Olusemo’s educational stops (Class of 2008).


Sheggz Real Name:

What is the actual name of Sheggz? His stage name is Segun Daniel Olusemo, Sheggz Olu real.


Sheggz Nationality, Citizenship, Country Of Origin:

Sheggz, whose real name is Daniel Olusemo, was born in Nigeria but now resides in the United Kingdom.


Sheggz State Of Origin, Home Town:

Segun Daniel Olusemo, known as Naija Sheggz, was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.


Sheggz Tribe:

What tribe is Sheggz Olu? The Yoruba people are the ancestors of Sheggz BBNaija. The southwestern region of Nigeria is his place of origin.


When Was Sheggz Born?

Sheggz Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Segun On November 13, 1996, Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) entered the world.

Sheggz BBNaija Biography, Age, Real Name, Movies, Pictures, State Of  Origin, Boyfriend, Net Worth, YouTube, Social Media Profile

How Old Is Sheggz?

Sheggz Real Age: Segun Olusemo Daniel (Sheggz Olu) Sheggz is 26 years old. On November 13, 2022.


Sheggz Height:

How tall is Sheggz Olu? Segun Dan Olusemo has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.


Sheggz Accent:

Daniel Olusemo Sheggz’s BBNaija accent is very British. However, fans like him primarily because of his charming British accent and fluency in the language.


Sheggz Tattoo:

Tattoos are a passion for Naija Sheggz Olu. Sheggz has several tattoos covering his whole body, arms, hands, and chest. Sheggz filled in his roommates on the significance of his ink. His mother, he stated, is the subject of his first tattoo: her birthday and some sweet notes of affection.

His other tattoos represent essential aspects of his life, including his family tree, his siblings’ names, a cross representing his faith in God, and the names of other Christian symbols. After finishing his mother’s face, Sheggz intends to get different tattoos.


 Sheggz Gym Fitness Workout:

To keep his athletic figure in tip-top shape, Daniel Olusemo enjoys hitting the gym, and he sometimes flaunts the results of his hard work by posting shirtless selfies online.

Sheggz Sexuality, Sexual Orientation:

Is Sheggz Gay, Homosexual, Bisexual, Or Straight? To dispel rumors, Sheggz Olu (Segun Daniel Olusemo) is not homosexual.

Sheggz Religion:

Is Sheggz a Muslim or Christian? Dan Olusemo Sheggz Olu was born into a Christian Yoruba household to Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo.


Sheggz Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

Segun His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo, are devout Christians and raised him and his siblings in a close-knit Christian community of Yoruba.


Sheggz Parents: 

Who are his parents, Sheggz? Segun Sheggz Olu’s (Daniel Olusemo) mom and dad are Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo. Lagos State is home to the Yoruba people. They are very wealthy people, Sheggz’s parents.

Sheggz BBNaija Biography, Pictures, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Parents (Segun  Daniel Olusemo) Wiki

Sheggz Father:

Who Is Segun Daniel Olusemo father? Mr. Olusemo is the father of Sheggz on Big Brother Nigeria. From Lagos State, Nigeria, he is a wealthy Yoruba guy.


Sheggz Mother:

Who Is Sheggz Olu mother? Mrs. Olusemo is Daniel Olusemo’s (Sheggzmom. )’s Sheggz has a strong bond with his mom. In other words, Sheggz comes from stable family background.

Because of how he feels about her, his mother is the reason he won’t let Sex appear on the program. So Sheggz’s mother had a straightforward request of him: “Don’t have sex on the TV.”


Sheggz Siblings, Brother, Sister:

There are more brothers and sisters in addition to Sheggz. He is covered with tattoos, including his mother’s likeness and the names of his siblings.


Sheggz Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures:

Is Segun Daniel Olusemo aka Sheggz married? No, Sheggz Olu is not yet married. But they say he’s available and looking.


Sheggz Wife:

Who Is Segun Daniel Olusemo aka Sheggz wife, name? Sheggz Olu is still single. They say he’s available and looking. But, so far, Sheggz’s future wife’s identity remains a secret


Sheggz Girlfriend:

Who is Sheggz’s Girlfriend, nameures? The relationship between Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz Olu) and his London-based fiancée ended in divorce due to their inability to resolve disagreements.

Sheggz does not have a girlfriend currently, and he is presently single.

Sheggz has been alone for nine months, but he’s still looking for a compatible partner in the mansion. Others wish that Sheggz and Bella might get together.

Sheggz Olu is presently single, but he values relationships highly. He only wants to wait for the perfect person to come along. He believes it is crucial to choose a life partner with whom one “genuinely connects” instead of settling down with someone “simply for vibes.”


Sheggz Fianceé, Relationship, Engaged, Engagement:

Is Sheggz engaged to be married? Despite having been in a relationship meant to lead to marriage, Sheggz is not now engaged.


Sheggz Children, Child:

Sheggz, as Daniel Olusemo, does not yet have a kid or a baby mom.


Sheggz Net Worth:

How much is Sheggz’s Net Worth? The predicted net worth of Daniel Olusemo (Sheggz) in 2022 is $500,000 (or 300,000,000,000 in Naira). Sheggz has the most money of any housemate in BBNaija Season 7 “Level Up” in 2022.


Segun Daniel Olusemo Sheggz Olu House, Cars, Mansion

Sheggz is a Londoner who likes flashy automobiles.


Sheggz Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact:

The contact information for Daniel Olusemo Sheggz remains hidden.


Segun Daniel Olusemo Sheggz Instagram:

For those interested, Sheggz’s Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is sheggzolu.

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