The world’s top young players rҽʋҽαl why they look up to Ronaldo, not Messi

Some of the biggest names in football have found inspiration in Cristiano Ronaldo over the years.


The Portuguese forward has amassed a lengthy resume that includes five Ballon d’Or awards, numerous goal totals, and championship victories with elite clubs in England, Spain, and Italy.


He also contributed to Portugal’s triumph at the 2016 Euros. Ronaldo is deserving of all the credit in the world for putting up the effort and commitment necessary to his work in order to realize his full potential.




Since he was a young player until he rose to international stardom, Mbappe has admired Ronaldo. The PSG striker recently stated in an interview that he wants to pursue a career similar to that of his role model. The current World Cup champion declared, “I will stop admiring Messi and solely look up to Ronaldo.


And Ronaldo is a role model for a lot of individuals around the world who want to play soccer. A lot of today’s top football stars, including Kylian Mbappe, have been influenced by Ronaldo, who turns 38 in February.


On Sunday, the UEFA Nations League featured a game between France and Portugal. Ronaldo and Mbappe had a funny halftime move.


As a direct message to his hero following the match, Mbappe tweeted the word “idol” along with the crown and goat emojis.



Nevertheless, Mbappe is not the only current superstar who cites Ronaldo as an inspiration.


Haaland Manchester City


Even though Erling Haaland is one of the world’s young attackers, he claimed that Ronaldo inspired him to take up the sport. The man says as much himself.


In a previous interview this year, the 22-year-old said to reporters, “I would like to meet him and tell him that I am a footballer because of him. “ He was someone I had always admired.




“I could speak for many young players and United supporters who watched the team play here. The majority of us kept up with his career as it developed, which is what makes United unique. Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo appear to be acquainted.


“It’s incredible how he’s continued in his career and kept improving every year.”



Most people his age are nearing the end of their careers, and his level is starting to go down, but he keeps getting better and better.


Joao Felix


“Cristiano Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or honors, which is the goal of every player,” Felix adds of his man in Portugal. I aspire to be like Ronaldo.


In 2019, Félix admitted to Record that Cristiano was his local hero and a role model for him in every way. “He was already the finest player in the world, and I was still playing football. He is distinct.


He writes about the history of football. When he described myself as odd, I loved it. The Cheasel star stated, “I usually tell them the same thing when they ask me if I can reach Cristiano’s level.


Ronaldo is exceptional and unreplicable. I would give anything to be Joao Felix.


Matthijs de Ligt


“When I was younger and played football, I frequently referred to myself as Ronaldo. My pals can still recall that. When Ronaldo played for Manchester United, I was extremely pleased. The first blouse I ever owned was also his. De Ligt recalled the past. Perhaps the Dutch athlete didn’t realize that just over ten years later, wearing the Torino club jersey, he would have the opportunity to win championships with his idol.


Diogo Dalot


Dalot claimed that Ronaldo was the reason he aspired to be a star on the field when he signed with Manchester United. He also aspires to be a star for Manchester United because of CR7: “I don’t need to say anything further about Cristiano Ronaldo. Everyone is already aware of who he is. Just know that He is the reason I intend to travel this journey all the way to its conclusion.


Since I was a young child, I’ve aspired to be like him. And if you ask me if he was a factor in my decision to sign with Manchester United, I will undoubtedly respond that he was. Growing up and playing here for Ronaldo is a very admirable journey. I want to act that way here.


Bukayo Saka

The young kid who plays for Arsenal claimed that Ronaldo’s energy and diligence are what he most admires: “I admire Ronaldo’s competitive spirit. He constantly aspires to be the best. Ronaldo strives to always perform at his highest level. Ronaldo puts in a lot of effort both on and off the field to maintain the ideal physique.


Ronaldo always plays with confidence and style while he’s on the field. He is currently one of the finest players in the world because of this. I use Ronaldo as an example of how to grow and learn.

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