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In the world of electronic music, TroyBoi has become a prominent figure known for his unique style and captivating beats. With a diverse range of musical influences, TroyBoi has crafted a sound that sets him apart from the crowd. In this blog post, we will delve into his biography, career trajectory, and the source of his wealth. Please note that personal contact information and addresses have been omitted for privacy reasons.

Troyboi Biography and Wiki:

TroyBoi, whose real name is undisclosed, is an esteemed DJ, music producer, and artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Known for his enigmatic persona, he prefers to keep his personal details private. However, his musical talents and accomplishments have spoken for themselves.

Troyboi Career and Source of Wealth:

TroyBoi’s career began gaining momentum with the release of his debut EP, “Left Is Right,” in 2017. Since then, he has continued to push boundaries and explore various genres, blending elements of hip-hop, trap, and electronic music. His distinctive style has garnered him a devoted fanbase and recognition from the music industry.

As a producer, TroyBoi has collaborated with esteemed artists such as Diplo, Flosstradamus, and Alison Wonderland. He has also performed at renowned festivals and venues worldwide, captivating audiences with his energetic live performances.

TroyBoi’s source of wealth primarily comes from his successful music career. With a dedicated following and a string of hit releases, he has undoubtedly secured significant income from album sales, streaming royalties, concert tours, and merchandise sales.

Troyboi Net Worth:

TroyBoi’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be between a whopping $1 million- $5 million according to an online portal.

Troyboi Social Media Presence:

While TroyBoi values his privacy, he maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Fans can connect with him and stay updated on his latest releases, performances, and other updates through his official Instagram account (@troyboi) and other social media channels.

Personal Life:

Details about TroyBoi’s personal life, including his relationships and family, remain undisclosed. He prefers to focus on his music and artistic endeavors, allowing his work to speak for itself.


TroyBoi’s artistic prowess and dedication to his craft have propelled him to the forefront of the electronic music scene. With his unique sound and captivating performances, he has captivated audiences worldwide. While he may keep certain aspects of his personal life private, his music and accomplishments continue to inspire and entertain millions of fans globally.

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