Umu Obiligbo Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, State of Origin, Cars, House, Wikipedia, Instagram

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In this blog post, we will delve into the life and career of Umu Obiligbo, a popular Nigerian musical duo. We’ll cover various aspects, including their biography, wife and children, net worth, social media presence, girlfriend, house and cars, real name, tribe and religion, state of origin, phone number and WhatsApp number, residential house address, educational background and schools attended, as well as their career and source of wealth.

Umu Obiligbo Biography:

Umu Obiligbo is a Nigerian musical duo comprising brothers Okpuozor Obiligbo and Akunwafor Obiligbo. They hail from Anambra State in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The duo rose to prominence with their unique style of Highlife music, which blends traditional Igbo sounds with contemporary elements.

Umu Obiligbo Wife and Children:

Information about the marital status, wives, and children of Umu Obiligbo is not publicly available at the moment.

Umu Obiligbo Net Worth:

While the exact net worth of Umu Obiligbo is not disclosed, they have achieved significant success in the Nigerian music industry. Their earnings come from album sales, performances at concerts, endorsement deals, and other ventures.

Umu Obiligbo Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Umu Obiligbo maintains an active presence on social media platforms, including Instagram. Fans can follow them on Instagram @umuobiligboso to stay updated with their latest releases, performances, and personal updates.

Umu Obiligbo Girlfriend:

There is no specific information regarding the current girlfriends of Umu Obiligbo.

Umu Obiligbo House and Cars:

Details about Umu Obiligbo’s specific residential address, house, and cars are not publicly available.

Umu Obiligbo Real Name:

The real names of the Umu Obiligbo brothers are Okpuozor Obiligbo and Akunwafor Obiligbo.

Umu Obiligbo Tribe and Religion:

Umu Obiligbo belongs to the Igbo tribe, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. Regarding their religion, specific information is not publicly disclosed.

Umu Obiligbo State of Origin:

Umu Obiligbo originates from Anambra State, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Umu Obiligbo Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

Umu Obiligbo’s phone number and WhatsApp number are private and not publicly available.

Umu Obiligbo Residential House Address:

Umu Obiligbo’s specific residential address is not publicly disclosed to ensure their privacy and security.

Umu Obiligbo Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Information regarding the educational background and schools attended by Umu Obiligbo is not readily accessible.

Umu Obiligbo Career and Source of Wealth:

Umu Obiligbo gained recognition in the Nigerian music industry through their unique fusion of traditional Igbo sounds and contemporary music elements. They have released several hit songs and albums, captivating audiences with their melodious tunes and meaningful lyrics. Their wealth primarily stems from album sales, live performances, endorsement deals, and various business endeavors they may be involved in.


Umu Obiligbo has established themselves as prominent figures in the Nigerian music scene, with their unique blend of Highlife music. While specific personal details may not be readily available, their talent and success in the industry are evident through their music and growing fan base. Follow them on Instagram @umuobiligboso for the latest updates on their music career.

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