Weghorst explain the moment of outrage, Man Utd fans: ‘Betrayer’

The Dutch striker explained the misleading photo that was spread on social networks after Man Utd’s 0-7 loss to Liverpool in the Premier League.


The Dutch striker explained the misleading photo that was spread on social networks after Man Utd’s 0-7 loss to Liverpool in the Premier League. “Normally, I would never react to topics of discussion in the media. But with this, I have to speak up because Manchester United fans are very important to me. I want to clear up the misunderstanding that took place. out in the last few days,” Wout Weghorst began the article.


“When I was on the Dutch national team, I knew Virgil van Dijk always touched that sign to boost his spirits before the game. So I tried to stop him from doing that. When I was a kid, I was a fan of Twente. Now. Here, I have the honor to wear the shirt of Man United, a great club. My dedication is unquestionable,” emphasized the striker born in 1992.



In a photo shared on MXH, Man Utd fans got angry and said that Weghorst had touched the “This is Anfield” sign, a move familiar to every Liverpool player when he stepped out onto the field.


An angry fan wrote on social media: “I don’t care about Weghorst’s Carabao Cup photos anymore. He has to leave Man Utd after 6 months. This image is enough for Weghorst to leave. How the h.e.l.l can you touch the Anfield sign as a Man Utd player?”.


Another fan agreed: “Terminate Weghorst’s contract immediately”. Another fan added: “An unacceptable act by Weghorst.”



After 13 appearances for the “Red Devils”, the Dutch striker scored only one goal. One of Weghorst’s two assists was in the Carabao Cup final, thereby helping the red half of Manchester to quench their thirst for titles after seven years of waiting.


Despite his unsatisfactory finishing ability, the player born in 1992 is still defended by coaches and fans by moving around the field.


Rashford spoke for the first time after the 0-7 defeat

“I wish I could be on the field to play today to correct the mistakes. We can’t stay sad about what happened. It’s important not to let the bad past affect us. At this time, we must trust and unite,” Marcus Rashford shared on his page.


Rashford is in impressive form since the 2022 World Cup. However, that is not enough to help Man United win a favorable result when marching to Anfield.



Rashford was substituted early and had to see the host team beaten by Liverpool with the biggest difference in history. In the last 10 times as a guest before “The Kop”, Man Utd only scored 2 goals and the number of goals conceded was nearly 10 times higher (29 goals).


Not only Rashford, De Gea also spoke up after the historic defeat: “A catastrophic result should never be allowed to happen, especially with what we have shown in the past time. We m.e.a.n it. “I have a duty to contribute to Man United, I have a responsibility to represent the club. We still have a lot of games ahead. What we need to do is focus on looking to the future.”



The historic loss to the Merseyside г𝔦vаι made Man Utd almost no longer a chance to race for the Premier League title.


At this time, “Red Devils” are 14 points behind Arsenal in the rankings. M.e.a.nwhile, Liverpool is close to the Champions League group. “The Kop” is only 3 points behind Tottenham and still has a match in hand.


In the middle of the week, Man Utd will have the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 against Betis. Coach Manuel Pellegrini’s teachers and students have just excellently held Real Madrid 0-0 in La Liga.

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