Ronaldo’s ‘startled response’ when he heard a child scream, ‘Messi is still much better’

Ronaldo was unhappy when he entered the tunnel following the most recent Al Nassr match.


Over the weekend, Ronaldo’s squad, Al Nassr, was challenged by Al Batin in a contest that counted for the Saudi Arabia title. After taking an early lead, Al Nassr was ultimately victorious thanks to three goals scored in extra time.


Ronaldo, arguably the most famous player to come out of Portugal, went scoreless in this contest. As CR7 made their way into the tunnel, a little guy immediately cried out, “Messi is much better!” It is unclear whether Ronaldo heard the last sentence or not; still, the 38-year-old striker was dissatisfied and expressed his displeasure to his mother by saying, “Recently, it was an easy match.”



A number of people instantly became interested in the video that displayed the aforementioned moment. It has almost reached one million views just on Twitter alone.


After Ronaldo got into a brawl with several players for Man United, he decided to leave the team and play for Al Nassr instead. The owner of 5 Golden Balls adapted very fast to his new group of teammates.


Ronaldo has scored 8 goals and assisted on 2 others in just 6 games played. In addition to that, he was awarded “February Player of the Month” in the competition just recently. Following 19 rounds, Al Nassr is currently in first place with 46 points, which is two points higher than Al Ittihad, which is currently in second place.


Ronaldo will continue to play for Al Nassr for a total of three more matches until the European series resumes. The Portuguese team’s head coach, Roberto Martinez, has not disclosed who will be selected for the squad as of yet.


Ronaldo had a pretty funny response when he saw a young youngster saying that Messi was a greater player than he was.


Everything Cristiano Ronaldo “craves” is about to be fulfilled by Marcus Rashford

When you’re having a good day as a striker and things are going well for you, it seems as though everything you touch finds its way into the back of the net. Marcus Rashford is now enjoying the best form of his career and is on such a winning streak that even the goal that was obviously an own goal but was handed to him against Newcastle was given to him after it was viciously deflected by the opposition.



It appeared to be ‘just another’ goal for the United striker to add to his collection this season, but it represented a lot as he reached a record-setting total. Despite the fact that it seemed like “just another” strike, he reached a record-breaking total.


Rashford has now officially scored 25 goals in all competitions for Manchester United this season. Not only is this Rashford’s personal best for a single season, but it also exceeds the total amount of goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for the entirety of last season. Even as recently as April of this year, interim manager Ralf Rangnick commented on the team’s overwhelming reliance on Cristiano Ronaldo, as he was the club’s leading scorer.


Undoubtedly, we rely significantly on Ronaldo at the moment, and he also delivered a strong effort when Chelsea had the ball. It is vital that we concentrate our efforts immediately on adding a few additional forwards.



Just Bruno Fernandes was the other player to score 10 or more goals across all competitions during the previous season, and the Portuguese striker had a better goal total than any other player. Rashford only scored five goals.


The fact that Rashford would experience such a transformation was not widely anticipated, and even the player’s strongest supporters would concede that there have always been doubts about his dependability in front of goal.


Yet, a year later, the 25-year-old is the face of Erik ten Hag’s campaign. He is a man who enjoys the burden of consistently scoring goals for his side, and he has emerged as the face of Erik ten Hag.


Ronaldo is under the same amount of stress and privilege as he was in the previous campaign. It often looked as though if he didn’t score, Manchester United wouldn’t either. Rashford is not merely emulating but also outperforming the role he is playing because to his remarkable production.


All eyes will be on the England international to score again for the Red Devils as Manchester United faces West Ham in the FA Cup tomorrow night and Liverpool at the weekend in the Premier League. The opposition in the Premier League game will be Liverpool.


It is a great credit to Rashford that he has been able to deliver the results to go along with it so frequently this season. It is the same expectation that was placed on Ronaldo during his United prime. Ronaldo was well-known for his prolific goal-scoring throughout his time at United.


Yet earlier this week, Sir Alex Ferguson admitted the need for another forward to help ease some of the load that will be placed on Rashford throughout the forthcoming season. This brought the United problem to light.


According to a report from Sky Sports, the legendary manager said, “I don’t think he’s a striker.”


He always keeps his shots low, which is crucial for a striker, works exceptionally well from the left side of the field, and his finishing is always excellent. He’s currently having a great run of form.


The coach stated, “Unfortunately for us, (Rashford) is the key goal supplier; we could use an extra one, but he’s doing it. “He’s doing it, but we could use another one.”



Rashford must be convinced that he is in an atmosphere conducive to achieving his long-term goals. The previous summer’s inactivity in the transfer market was one of the contributing factors to Ronaldo’s decision to leave Manchester United.


After the conclusion of the current season, recruiting a new striker will be one of the most crucial components. This will not only alleviate some of the strain on Rashford, but it will also provide him the opportunity to flourish in his preferred forward position.



It was always possible that the academy graduate might endure a goal drought, but it is a testament to his skills that he has been able to extend his scoring streak for so long that it now appears to be permanent.


Rashford was essential in United’s ability to move on from Ronaldo, but the club is once again in a vulnerable position where the majority of its goals depend on the performance of a single player.


United now has a new headlining act; all he needs is the support to go along with it.

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