Sadio Mane compares Jurgen Klopp to Julian Nagelsmann: Too different

Sadio Mane made the switch from Liverpool to Bayern Munich in the summer meaning the forward ended his time under Jurgen Klopp and is now working with Julian Nagelsmann


Although though Sadio Mane acknowledges that Julian Naglesmann has a “calmer” influence than Jurgen Klopp, the two managers have very similar perspectives on football.


The Senegalese superstar decided to end his time with Liverpool in the summer and make the move to Bayern Munich instead of extending his contract with the English club. After making the transfer from Southampton to Liverpool in 2016, where he was coached by Klopp, Mane was able to fulfill his potential as a member of an extremely successful club.



Mane is working with Nagelsmann in Bavaria, which has provided him with the opportunity to experience a new style of coaching for the first time in the past six years. The manager was given the reins at Bayern when he was just 33 years old, despite the fαct that he has long been regarded as one of the most promising young tacticians in Europe.



Mane joined his team during his second offseason, and the attacker commented to DAZN about the similarities and differences between their playing styles. Mane said, “Klopp is Klopp.” He’s a hybrid of the older and younger generations, that’s for sure. In spite of his wealth of expertise and the fαct that football occupies every waking moment of his life, he is extremely demanding. On occasion, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much so. He is prone to outbursts of strong emotion and will sometimes yell. Nearly prepared to engage in combat.



“(Nagelsmann) is significantly more composed. Regarding football, I don’t think there are any fundamental distinctions between the two. They value players that push at a high level because it helps their teams compete at a high level. Because I’ve almost exclusively had German coaches throughout my career, it’s much simpler for me.


Mane’s choice to leave Anfield and move to the Allianz Arena was heavily influenced by Bayern’s manager, who is looking to continue his team’s supremacy over the past decade and was a big fαctor in Mane’s decision to leave Anfield. In the past, he has been quoted as sαying, “The coach was one of the major advocates of my transfer.” He sent me numerous texts on a regular basis. Julian places a high value on maintaining positive connections with the other players. Julian possesses an extraordinary amount of energy and strives to be successful in all he does. I admire his drive and determination to be successful. He possesses the qualities necessary to manage large teams.



Klopp, who has competed against Naglesmann in the past, has had the following to sαy about his fellow countryman: “He’s a big, enormous coaching talent. Although we don’t know each other very well, I’ve tried to play the game his way since I appreciate a solid kιck.


Bayern Munich, coached by Nagelsmann, will take on Paris Saint-Germain with the intention of advancing to the knockout stage of the Champions League. As the Germans attempt to advance in the competition, their 1-0 victory in Paris a few weeks ago was well worth the price they paid for it. As of right now, Mane has scored 11 goals in 25 total matches.


As a result of his departure, Liverpool have had a lot of problems, therefore they decided to replace him with Darwin Nunez by paying a club-record amount of money for him. Despite the fαct that the Uruguayan is starting to get back into form following a slow start to his professional career, the Merseysiders are likely to finish the season without a trophy if they are unable to come back from a first-leg loss against Real Madrid of 5-2.

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