Chelsea flop star serving as ‘wɑrning sign’ to vital targets

A reporter for TEAMtalk, worries that one particular Chelsea player is serving as a strong caution to higher-profile targets due to a big choice made by Todd Boehly that had another bad outcome.


The Blues have spent well over £500m on new players in the last two transfer windows. Nonetheless, despite the tremendous expenditure, Chelsea has declined on the field.


Saturday’s 1-0 triumph over Leeds United was their first league victory since January 15. Under Graham Potter, they’ve also left both domestic cups and will enter the second leg of their Champions League Last 16 match against Borussia Dortmund down by one goal.



Notwithstanding the abysmal outcomes, it is believed that Todd Boehly and his Clearlake partners continue to have faith in Potter. Boehly and co. chose Potter after dismissing the popular Thomas Tuchel 100 days after the new regime assumed power.


This judgment is becoming increasingly questionable as the season progresses. But, according to reporter Ben Jacobs, Tuchel’s dismissal has also had an unforeseen influence on their transfer policy.



Jacobs told TEAMtalk in an exclusive interview that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang serves as a “warпing flag” to Chelsea’s attacking targets.


Aubameyang was signed late in the summer transfer window at Tuchel’s request. Tuchel was then removed, and Aubameyang became the elephant in the room at Stamford Bridge.


The former Arsenal forward was left off of Chelsea’s UCL roster and has scarcely played under Potter. Jacobs said that Boehly’s decision to fire Tuchel, which resulted in Aubameyang’s exclusion, will discourage high-profile transfer prospects from joining Chelsea.



In fact, if Aubameyang can go from hero to zero in the flash of an eye, Jacobs feels that other forwards will fear being expendable if they join the Blues.


“Aubameyang has become a bit of a model for Chelsea, if unfairly,” said Jacobs, so that other players may say, “see what happened to Aubameyang.”


“Almost a year ago in February, he was unveiled at Barcelona, happy, settled, ecstatic about the move, and Xavi truly valued him and wanted to keep him, make no mistake.


However, it was advantageous for all parties for him to come to Chelsea. Thus, he relocates to Chelsea. Why? Thomas Tuchel was the manager at the time and was responsible for the transfer.


“Two weeks later, Tuchel left, and everything changed. The new management does not see Aubameyang as a good fit, thus he is passed up in the pecking order.



“One year after his debut with Barcelona, Aubameyang is no longer on the Champions League roster. He does not start games and is involved infrequently.


“And if you’re a second forward, especially if you’re a bit more seasoned one who wants to play week in and week out. Even if it is little unjust, Aubameyang serves as a caution sign in the back of your mind: “What if I move and the management changes? What if I move to a team with a large roster and I don’t play as much?”


This season, Chelsea’s biggest problem on the field has been in the final third. This season, their total of 24 goals is only good enough for joint-13th place in the Premier League.


A new center forward is anticipated to be pursued in the summer, although Aubameyang’s unsuccessful tenure may prevent one or two potential targets.

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